Why meditate?

The master Omraam gave many original lectures on meditation and contemplation which I have found really useful in my own spiritual practice. The first one I am sharing focuses on the basic question of why we need to meditate if we want to make progress in our spiritual life: There are many different degrees to meditation. And we must understand that meditation is more than reflection. To meditate means to focus on a subject,  a quality or virtue, on something that you are either lacking, or wish to develop. But you will not have any desire to develop a particular …

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Meditation, contemplation, concentration

“Meditation is an activity of the mind- an attempt to deepen your understanding of spiritual truths. Contemplation, on the other hand, is an activity of the heart or soul- you dwell on an image, a quality or a virtue in order to rejoice in its light and beauty and be in communion with it. And on a higher level still, there is the magical activity of identification by which the will and the spirit identify with the creator in order to create. Some days you will feel inclined to work with the mind: to think and search and ponder, this is …

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Meditative mealtimes-deciphering the messages in food

Food is a love-letter sent to us by our creator and we must learn to read it. To my mind it is the most eloquent, the most potent of love –letters for it says, “I love you and I am giving you life and strength’. More often than not, human beings swallow their food without reading the words of the letter, in which the Lord also says, “My child, I want you to be perfect. I want you to be like this fruit, to have a delicious flavour. For the moment you are sour, bitter and tough, you are not …

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