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A colour meditation- blue of peace and truth

Colours are modulations of light and through them, entities working in stones, plants, animals and humans manifest themselves. By concentrating on colours, you can bring them alive in you: they help you develop virtues related to them and they support you in your endeavours. Remember to use the means nature offers you to connect with the spiritual world. Colours are one of those means. Take the colour blue for example- it is the colour of peace and truth. From time to time, immerse yourself in this colour. Imagine you are surrounded by blue rays and feel them permeate you: little by little, you will feel a deep sense of peace overcome you. This deep peace will at last silence your heart and intellect and will help you free yourself from your greed, prejudice and bias, and everything will become clearer to you. Heaven is reflected in your soul as if on the surface of a still lake, and with this deep sense of peace you will contemplate truth. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations

Our meditation helps all around us

You have been meditating deeply for a long time, sending light and love to the whole world; and then you feel like getting some exercise and you go out for a walk in the street. When you return a short while later, you are unaware of having had the slightest effect on those whom you passed. If you were clairvoyant, you would see the benefit your presence has had, without your knowing it, on the strangers you came across. Some who had planned to do wicked things have abandoned their plans, while others who were feeling troubled or down have found a little serenity and hope. Never forget that when you progress on the path of light and unconditional love, you can have a positive effect on all the creatures you come across. Even if you feel that your thoughts and feelings have no influence on your surroundings, there is always something nearby that stirs, moves or that is stimulated as a result. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov ¬†Daily Meditations Some more posts on meditation: Why meditate?¬† …