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Extracts from the books of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov- commentaries on the gospels and the mystical meaning of Christian festivals and symbols.

Christmas Candles- Advent

Thought for Advent- on the flame of the Spirit

As advent begins, Christians all over the world will be lighting candles, and gazing at their flames-beautiful symbols of the Holy Spirit and the Christ. So specially for this season, here is an extract from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on the flame as a symbol of the divine spirit that lives within each of us: ‘A flame is something so fragile that the slightest breeze can extinguish it. But if you nourish a tiny flame it will become a great blaze, and the winds that once threatened its existence will fan it until it burns so fiercely that nothing can resist it. How is that the same cause, the wind, can produce effects so diametrically opposed? The reason is simple: it is because the flame- and we -react differently to the same thing, depending on whether we are weak or strong. A flame is a symbol of the spirit, and if you neglect it and fail to nourish it, the least difficulty will extinguish it. However, those who have strengthened their spirit through prayer, meditation and …

Easter- the mystery of death and rebirth

‘If you do not die, you shall not live’, said Jesus. The idea of resurrection, then, is linked with death and disintegration. If the seed does not die, it prevents the manifestation of the power of life buried in it. In a human being, it is the lower self that must die to leave room for the Spirit, the divine principle, which is then free to act and transform everything… The secret of the resurrection is before our eyes in Nature, waiting for us to understand it and decide to die consciously so as to become a new being…… ‘If you do not die, you shall not life…’ To die means to be melted into the Infinite whilst God takes the place vacated by you. God now reigns in you, no longer do you care about your life, you are willing to disappear, to have God take your place. If you really insist and keep on insisting He will be obliged to capitulate, because you are using the same methods he uses! God cannot say, …

Martin Luther King

Jesus, MLK, and non-violent, non-passive resistance

In the passage below, from ‘The True Meaning of Christ’s Teaching’ Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov argues that Jesus’ teaching on turning the other cheek should not be interpreted as an instruction to remain submissive and passive in the face of injustice and mistreatment but to demonstrate moral and spiritual superiority to your enemies. This is exactly the method which Martin Luther King used to fight back against racial injustice in the states. Just as Gandhi had done previously in South Africa and India and Nelson Mandela used in his struggle to end Apartheid.

Pentecost- new wine in new wineskins

If only people had an idea of what physiological, chemical and psychological improvements take place in the presence of a divine idea! Yet it is precisely this presence they push away from themselves and, if they continue to do so they will never find the same opportunities to transform themselves. One day they will regret having acted in this way and will say, “How true, I chased away the light so many times because I was afraid of the Spirit within me!” I have often noticed that people are much more afraid of the Spirit and sublime states of consciouness than they are of hell and all its devils, of suffering, disorder, and all those lower states of being. In a way they have a point of view because somewhere within them they are aware that they are not new wineskins and so, instinctively, they are afraid of being unable to bear this new life, this new expnsion of their consciouness, and also they still feel the need to life life at a lower level. …

The kingdom of God- balance, harmony and blessing

Jesus said, ‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness.’ Why does the kingdom of God come first? Because it represents a state of perfection, of fulfilment. Everything is contained in it – health, wealth, beauty, order, freedom, peace, wisdom, love, joy… This is why Jesus adds, ‘and all these things will be given to you as well’. The kingdom of God is the synthesis of everything else, of every blessing one could ask for. You say, ‘Oh, if I were powerful… If I were rich… If I were beautiful!’ But these are only particular aspects, attributes, of the kingdom of God, and as soon as you begin to wish for any one in particular, an imbalance sets in. The kingdom of God is above all a state of balance and harmony. If you insist on one point, something else is bound to suffer, and so you are already introducing the seed of disharmony. Everything our soul, spirit, heart, mind and body need is contained in the words ‘the kingdom of God’. Omraam …

The living cross and invisible beings of light

Space is not something vague and undefined. It is subject to a structure which corresponds to the number 4: the four cardinal points. But what are the four cardinal points other than a cross? When initiates are about to start a work, they turn successively to each of the four directions in space, thereby drawing a cross, indicating that their spirit is about to start work. Each of the four cardinal points is presided over by an archangel: Michael for the east, Gabriel for the west, Uriel for the north and Raphael for the south. Since initiates understand the living cross, all the light beings respond to their call and come to participate in their work. This ritual of turning towards the four cardinal points has been perpetuated in the Christian religion in the form of the ‘sign of the cross’. When Christians move their right hand from their forehead, to their solar plexus, and then to their left shoulder, then their right shoulder (or vice-versa, to their right shoulder and then their left shoulder) …

Meditation for Pentecost-the mystic bridegroom

‘Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour’, Jesus said at the end of the parable of the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom. Here, ‘keep awake’ does not mean, ‘do not go to sleep’, but to stay vigilant, because we do not know when the beloved will come. This beloved, this mystic bridegroom, is the Holy Spirit, and by our prayers and our pure life, we must prepare the precious oil for it, this quintessence which is its only food. For the Holy Spirit is a flame, a flame needs to be nourished, and oil is its food. Whether we are male or female does not matter. The wise virgin of whom Jesus speaks is a symbol of the soul preparing itself to receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the bridegroom of light, and it will only come and visit us if we have enough oil to feed its flame. Now you can understand why it is said that on …

Cosmic Waters

In Genesis it is said that on the second day, God separated the waters below from the waters above. These waters above, which initiatic science also calls ‘astral light’ or the ‘magic medium’, represent the primordial ocean in which all creatures are immersed and find their nourishment. The liquid environment in which a child is immersed when it is still in their mother’s womb is reminiscent of these primordial waters. We swim in cosmic immensity, exactly like fish in the sea. If we are not conscious of this, it is because our psychic pores are obstructed by impurities. Purification is therefore the first work to be undertaken in order to open these psychic pores, to free this network of etheric channels which supply our subtle bodies. It is then that we will be fulfilled and vivified by this spiritual water which totally envelops us. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     The Daily Meditations Image- The Black Sea by Aivazovsky I have used this image of the Black Sea as the young brother Mikhael used to watch …

Meditation for Easter Sunday

A seed that’s been placed in the earth can be compared to a creature imprisoned in a tomb. When the angel of warmth comes, he wakes the creature, saying, ‘Go on, get up now, come out of the tomb!’ And then the life that was buried begins to stir: a little stem divides the seed in two, giving birth to a shoot that one day will become a magnificent tree. That is resurrection. Before resurrection is possible, the tomb must be opened, and tombs are opened only by warmth. And warmth is love. Those who have a lot of love in their heart, spiritual, disinterested love, are able to open the tombs of their cells. Until their cells are animated and given life, they remain inactive, and people are unaware of all the riches they contain. But after resurrection, after this awakening of their cells, their consciousness expands, and they move in another dimension – the dimension of the spirit – through everything they feel and everything they live Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily Meditations

Jesus and the sermon on the mount

Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount

Jesus said, ‘Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.’ What was the nature of Jesus’ love? What did he see in a human being? The response is found in the Sermon on the Mount when he addressed his disciples and the crowd that had followed him, and said, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ What this means is that in his disciples and in all those who came to him, Jesus saw the image of the heavenly Father, of the Divinity, and it was to this Divinity within them that he addressed himself as he showed them the path to perfection. While the scribes and Pharisees only saw the pitiful appearance of all the paralysed people, the lepers, the possessed, prostitutes, adulterers, thieves, and so on, Jesus recognised in all beings a soul and a spirit that simply asked for the conditions to allow the manifestation of their beauty and light. It was these souls and these spirits that he loved, and it was to them that he spoke. …


“Humans seek power, wealth, knowledge and love. But really it is life they should be. seeking.  ‘And why life?’ you might ask. ‘We already have it- we are alive. We should be looking for what we don’t have.’ That’s true, you are alive, but life is not he same in all beings. there are varying degrees of life. Living is not  enough, you must ask yourself what kind of life you are living. Humans, with their physical make -up, of course live a human life, but within, their life can take on an infinite number of shapes and colors, those of a stone, a plant or an animal… or else of an angel,  an archangel or  celestial being… when Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly’ , the life he wanted to bring to all human beings was the divine life, the current that springs pure and clear from the original source”. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       Daily Meditations 2015

Pentecost-the dove, the flame and the higher Self

We are told in the Gospels that when Jesus received baptism in the river Jordan, the Holy Spirit was seen to descend upon him in the form of a dove. And the Acts of the Apostles also relate that, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down into the house where all the disciples were gathered and rested on each one as a tongue of fire. The descent of the Holy Spirit in humans is symbolic and is found in different forms in all spiritual traditions. But just because the Holy Spirit is said to ‘descend’ in humans, we should not think of it as an entity outside of them. What is manifesting is their own higher self, the divine quintessence placed in them by the Creator. When a person is said to receive the Holy Spirit, it means that they have succeeded in contacting their own spirit, their higher self. The Holy Spirit is a cosmic principle, a pure emanation of the Divine, and our higher self is of the same nature. …