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Extracts from the books of spiritual master, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, on esoteric astrology.

Aquarius -a new era

The coming era of Aquarius will be an era of knowledge, but not the dry, intellectual knowledge we have everyday with people who are educated, even erudite, but not alive. The symbol of Aquarius is an image of wisdom: an old man holding a pitcher from which he pours the waters of life. The knowledge of Aquarius is the knowledge that brings life, that awakens and stirs us to life. People may know all about germs and microbes, they may know about the stars and the planets, but they don’t know ¬†how to live.. The water pouring from the old man’s pitcher symbolizes the fact that we need to let the water flow in order to make everything within and around us grow and flourish. water brings life, but people forget that, they are dry and thirsty, What they need above all in their lives is living water, the water of life. That is why, even though Aquarius is the symbol of knowledge, it is not linked to the brain, but to the solar plexus, …