Humanity’s divine lineage- God within

Mikhael Aivanhov in Switerland

Your entire future depends on your ability to recognise your divine lineage, to become conscious that God is within you, that the divine, universal Spirit lives in you and that you can therefore identify with it. But of course this exercise requires that you take certain precautions. First of all, your consciousness that the divinity dwells within you must be accompanied by the same consciousness that the divinity lives in all human beings as well. In this way, you will remain humble, simple, amiable, and open to others. What is more, in doing this exercise of identification, do not begin …

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Universal Brotherhood in the Age of Aquarius

Aquarius - water pitcher

This article gives a general over-view of the ‘Aquarian’ teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. It was published in the Rainbow News magazine in New Zealand a decade ago and I am republishing it on this blog hoping that it will be of interest to some of you! SJJ The old Piscean age is fading into history to make way for a new age of Aquarius, the age of universal brotherhood.  Aquarius, the sign of universality and brotherly love, has been making it’s influence known for centuries now.  Under the influence of this constellation, a new note is being sounded.  The …

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Universal Spirit lives in all people

“When I’m travelling and I arrive in a new town and see great crowds of people in the streets, I think of how these men and women each have their own life, their own history, their problems to resolve, their suffering and their loves, and of how there is a Being that sustains them all because it lives within them. If you also tried to have this thought from time to time, you would broaden your field of awareness; you would discover new regions where you would come into contact with higher entities. Instead of troubling yourself with all sorts …

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Aquarius -a new era

The coming era of Aquarius will be an era of knowledge, but not the dry, intellectual knowledge we have everyday with people who are educated, even erudite, but not alive. The symbol of Aquarius is an image of wisdom: an old man holding a pitcher from which he pours the waters of life. The knowledge of Aquarius is the knowledge that brings life, that awakens and stirs us to life. People may know all about germs and microbes, they may know about the stars and the planets, but they don’t know  how to live.. The water pouring from the old …

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Happier together- the need for global unity

Is there anything to stop human beings from being brothers and sisters, from forming universal brotherhood in the world… What can stop them? The only thing that stops them is illusion, the illusion of thinking they are happier being separated from each other…but the years go by, and they are no happier. It is normal for everyone to want to live their own life, no one wants to change that: you do not have to be welded to other people nor assume their problems. You and your life remain separate and independent, but in the invisible world you are united, …

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Why does hatred exist?

Animosity and hatred arise between human beings because face-to-face with one another they are never conscious that they are in the presence of a spirit, a spark that is seeking to manifest itself and that, in order to help this spirit before them, it is worth their while to be kind, patient, understanding and generous. Given the way they are used to seeing each other and what they see in each other when they meet, it is inevitable that they end up wanting to kill each other. And even some who have, supposedly, placed the love of God and others …

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True consciousness- the sense of universality

Humans are defined by the fact that they are endowed with consciousness, but they are only truly conscious when they are awakened to the notions of collectivity, of universality. This faculty allows them to enter into the heart and soul of others, to the extent that when they cause others to suffer, they themselves experience the pain they have inflicted. They feel and understand that everything they do to others, both good and bad, they do to themselves. In appearance, each human appears to be distinct and separate from everyone else. But in reality, a part of them is connected …

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The universal harmony of nature

“All human beings are a part of the great body of nature, so they must try to live in harmony with it. Even if they see themselves as individual beings with their own life, they belong to a whole, and they must consider how they can reconcile the needs of their personal life with those of collective life. Each individual is specific; Cosmic Intelligence wanted this diversity of creatures, and we should not try to bring them to the same level. Each one has the right to exist with their differences, their originality, as long as they are in harmony …

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