I am writing this blog to share the inspiration I get from the books and lectures of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. To those already reading his books, or those who I hope discover his work through this blog please post your comments– I would love this to become a platform for sharing the inspiration and wisdom with a wider, international community of English speakers.

I love creating this blog – searching for the extracts is a joy and very enriching – however many times I may have read a book of the master’s there is always something new and relevant to discover. The master once said the reason he loved God was not just because God is good, wise, powerful, all-knowing etc, but because he is beautiful. Part of why I love the master’s teaching is because it is not only profoundly wise, loving, clear and simple- to me his words are incredibly beautiful.  Just like those of  Jesus and the other great teachers of humanity, they flow from the Word- the divine source of all wisdom and eternal life. That is why I feel the impulsion to share them with a wide audience, accompanied by images of the beauties of nature.  Like Jesus, the master used images and symbols (drawn from the living book of nature and the details of our everyday life), to lead us to a clear understanding of the ‘mysteries’ of life-of God, ourselves and our place in the universe.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (2)

I’ve made some videos which combine the master’s words with photos and sounds from nature. Please feel free to share them. There are also some short extracts (about 10 mins) of subtitled video lectures that I have reblogged from the Editions Prosveta English Youtube channel.

All  extracts from the master’s books are published with the permission of the publisher, Editions Prosveta. The links page contains links to national Prosveta sites which distribute the master’s books throughout the world. There are also links to other sites I think may be of interest, such as some English-speaking brotherhood center sites.

Words of Light is not affiliated to any other site for commercial purposes.

I try to post something new at least once a week.  Please feel free to contact me by email or through comments.

MONTHLY FREE BOOK    I have decided to donate one book by the master each month. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Daily Meditations or another title from the Izvor Collection please email me at johnson.susan34@gmail.com. Please state your choice of book and postal address- no postal cost involved! This is my way of showing gratitude to the master for his teaching.


 A bit about me

At the New Spirit Festival in Auckland, 2011.

At the New Spirit Festival in Auckland, 2011.

I live in Saltdean, UK, close to the sea, circled by gulls. I love being outdoors, walking by the sea, by rivers and waterfalls or up mountains.  I used to live along the coast in New Zealand and that beautiful ‘Godzone’ still occupies a big space in my heart and memory. I teach primary school children and occasionally translate and write. My early morning walks to see the sun rise over Telscoombe Tye are always a joy- especially listening to the birds sing.  I love singing in choirs and teaching the mystical songs of master Peter Deunov.    Susan


  1. Susan – a beautiful blog here – love your aesthetic! And of course, the insights that you’re passing along are divine – thank you for sharing.

  2. Your images are crisp and enticing, and pure joy to the eyes, but more importantly, the text is satisfying, enriching and full of light. It’s not just a little brain-snack, it’s quite a balanced meal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Susan. Great work!
    I find so much guidance and inspiration every time I check your blog. You have made the Master’s words available to everyone and I truly appreciate that!

    • Thanks for your encouraging comments, Pily. I am so glad you find the extracts helpful.
      All the best

  4. Michelle says

    This is a beautiful website. Thank you for your sharing and generousity of spirit!

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