How to use Mantra and sacred formulas

Sanskrit Om symbol

 A mantra, a sacred formula is like a mould that must be filled with intense life, that is to say, with love and faith. When a formula is spoken out loud, it sets in motion currents that rise through the heavenly hierarchies up to the throne of God. A formula must always be pronounced at least three times in order to reach the three worlds – physical, spiritual and divine. Tireless repetition of the same formula penetrates the depth of the subconscious where the roots of our being lie, and it is there, in the roots of our being, that we have …

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Video: OM- sound of creation

“In the Hindu tradition, the syllable Om represents the original sound of creation: it corresponds to what the Christian tradition calls the Logos, the creative Word. It is associated with Kalahamsa, the great mythological bird that laid the primordial egg, out of which emerged the universe. The syllable Om possesses extremely powerful, intense vibrations, from which the Hindus have made a mantra. They repeat it continuously in their meditations. You, also, could pronounce this mantra, either out loud or inwardly. Concentrate on this word, without thinking of anything else  and repeat: Om, om, om… You could also use a breathing …

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Video: Om Mani Padme Hum

For anyone who, like myself, loves singing and chanting sacred songs and mantras, I’m sharing a beautiful version of the OM MANI PADME HUM from the Youtube channel of Patricia Sáez Campos. It’s accompanied by lively Tibetan music and images of joyful children. The simplicity and happiness on their faces fills me with happiness myself. Here is also a brief extract from the master about the Buddha of compassion who was said to have given the mantra to humanity: All Buddhas are greatly venerated in Tibet, but above all, Tibetans venerate Buddha Avalokiteshvar. According to legend, he is the son of …

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