Peaceful silence of the stars

Milky way and large rock

This is the text by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov of the video published on the front page of this blog. It is from The Path of Silence, the chapter called Revelations of a starry sky. When I was young, in Bulgaria, I would sometimes climb up and spend the night at the top of Mount Mousalla. I would wrap myself up in several blankets and, stretching out on my back, gaze up at the starry sky. I’d try to link myself to the cosmic forces and entities of which the stars are only the physical aspect. I could not understand all …

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Working towards peace: three methods of helping humanity

Omraam Mikhael holding dove

Here are three simple but effective meditative methods of helping humanity from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: Send thoughts of light to heads of state If you want to help your country, you must touch the person in charge with thoughts of light, so that he or she may always be well inspired. You cannot help a whole country directly; it is too big. It is enough- and it is far easier- to help one person, just one. And this one person, in turn, will help everyone else, for much depends on the leader. If he or she can promote just laws …

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Let all around us be peace, love

Waterfall and flowing stream

Let the spring of love flow within you. Through your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, your words, let it gush forth over all the creatures and objects around you and beyond, on the trees, the mountains, the oceans. Even if you are by yourself, remember to utter words of peace, of hope and of joy for all human beings on earth, knowing that these words will have an effect somewhere, no matter where. You do not yet know what it is possible to achieve with love. And since we can only give to others what we possess ourselves, try first …

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The Voice of Silence

“Silence, peace and harmony are all expressions of the same reality. Do not think that silence is empty and mute, no, silence is alive and vibrant, it speaks and sings. One day, thanks to contemplation, prayer and meditation, you will manage to hear the voice of silence. Once all the chaotic forces within you have finally subsided, silence will draw closer, it will spread all around you and enfold you in its marvelous mantle… You must understand that silence is the condition absolutely indispensable for the true Word, for true revelations. During silence, little by little, you begin to sense …

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Entering the silence

“We all need silence. We particularly need the silence of nature, for it is in nature that we have our roots. Sometimes, when you are alone in a forest or up in the mountains, you feel as though you were being carried back into a distant past, into an era in which human beings were in communion with the forces and the spirits of nature. And if the call of a bird or the sound of a waterfall is heard, it is as though these very sounds were part of the silence: rather than destroying it, they emphasize and contribute …

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Does God speak to us?

Mountain reflection in still lake

Does God speak to us? Yes, since God is within us, he speaks to us. His voice is very soft, and we must learn to distinguish it amid all the other voices asking to be heard inside our body, our heart and our intellect. It can be compared to the melody of a flute in the midst of the clamour of cymbals and bass drums. It is easy to hear and follow the thunderous voice of the stomach shouting in hunger or that of our sexual organs demanding a victim. But when a small voice says to you, ‘Calm down, …

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A colour meditation- blue of peace and truth

Colours are modulations of light and through them, entities working in stones, plants, animals and humans manifest themselves. By concentrating on colours, you can bring them alive in you: they help you develop virtues related to them and they support you in your endeavours. Remember to use the means nature offers you to connect with the spiritual world. Colours are one of those means. Take the colour blue for example- it is the colour of peace and truth. From time to time, immerse yourself in this colour. Imagine you are surrounded by blue rays and feel them permeate you: little …

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Revelations from a starry sky

“Even after all these years, I still remember certain experiences I had when I was young, in Bulgaria. In the Summer, when the master Peter Deunov and the members of the Brotherhood camped in the Rila Mountains, I would sometimes climb up and spend the night at the top of Mount Musallah. I would wrap myself up in several blankets and, stretching out on my back, I would gaze up at the starry sky and try to to link myself myself to the cosmic forces and entities of which the stars are only the physical aspect. I could not understand …

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Peace- the flower of unity and love

Peaceful blue lake with swan

Heaven never ceases sending harmonious currents to the earth in an effort to lead human beings toward unity. Those who are ready to receive these currents must wait no longer; they must begin to work. The day they achieve this unity will be the most beautiful moment in human history. What changes there will be when the world becomes one family! All the billions that are being spent uselessly on arms and espionage will be used for everyone’s education and wellbeing. At the moment, unfortunately, we still believe these ideas to be unworkable. People say: ‘Utopia… so what?’ But it …

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War of love between the stars

War will never disappear entirely but it will be a different kind of war. One day, it will be a war of love, with human beings sending each other rays of love, like the stars. The more we evolve, the more the exchanges between us will be filled with light and love, like the exchanges between the constellations and the stars. When I was very young in Bulgaria, I used to sleep under the stars at night on the mountain of Rila, at 2,000 or 2,500 metres of altitude. Sometimes the snow would fall during the night and I would …

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Finding inner peace

Peace, as most people understand it, is not true peace. Even when the problems and anxieties which trouble you vanish for a few minutes or a few hours, this is not true peace for it does not last. Once true peace dwells in you, nothing can ever dislodge it again. Yes, peace is not a question of feeling at ease, of being calm and carefree for a few minutes, it is something much more profound and much more precious. Peace is a result of perfect inner harmony… When all the instruments in an orchestra are perfectly tuned to the same …

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