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The pyramid of light and the power of global prayer meetings

Inhabitants of the higher regions rejoice when they see hearths of light all over the earth. It gives them such joy and happiness. These little points of light are the bridge between heaven and earth. Without these links, without these centres, the earth would be invaded and annihilated by dark forces.  It is these luminous centres, radiating from all over the world, that sustains the souls of human beings, giving them what they need, their food, joy and happiness.  Today, I’ve decided to tell you a secret. What is an initiatic centre, with all its life and light, in reality? It is the summit of a mountain linking earth with heaven. So you, disciples of light, you must manage to get together and form a gigantic, luminous pyramid, similar to the one that has risen above Agartha since time immemorial. Yes, for just as the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians were modelled on the pyramid of Agartha, in the same way, above all spiritual sanctuaries, above all places where meditations and prayers are held, …

Seek help from the light

Whatever your difficulties may be, turn to the light, the light that pervades the whole universe. When you feel tired, discouraged or disappointed, think of seeking help from this light, concentrate on it and imagine you are making it course through you. Not only will it purify your psychic body, but to some extent also your physical body, and you will feel more peaceful, revived, capable of resuming your activities, for it will have given you enthusiasm. One of the most effective methods for gathering this light is to thank the Lord and bless his name. Several times a day, pause and repeat, ‘Thank you, thank you Lord; thank you for life, thank you for light, may your name be blessed for all eternity. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Video:Meditate on light

The living cross and invisible beings of light

Space is not something vague and undefined. It is subject to a structure which corresponds to the number 4: the four cardinal points. But what are the four cardinal points other than a cross? When initiates are about to start a work, they turn successively to each of the four directions in space, thereby drawing a cross, indicating that their spirit is about to start work. Each of the four cardinal points is presided over by an archangel: Michael for the east, Gabriel for the west, Uriel for the north and Raphael for the south. Since initiates understand the living cross, all the light beings respond to their call and come to participate in their work. This ritual of turning towards the four cardinal points has been perpetuated in the Christian religion in the form of the ‘sign of the cross’. When Christians move their right hand from their forehead, to their solar plexus, and then to their left shoulder, then their right shoulder (or vice-versa, to their right shoulder and then their left shoulder) …

Into the light

I speak to you only of yourselves, of realities that exist within you. Even if you are still not aware of their existence and do not fully understand what I am referring to, I know that through my words I am contacting an entity whose only wish is to come into the light. This entity can be compared to a lotus that begins to develop underwater before blossoming on the surface. Things are born, take shape and begin to grow in the darkness of the subconscious. By the time they rise to awareness, they are no longer in their early stage but have almost reached completion, because they have already been in motion for a long time. In the same way, my words awaken in your deepest being a presence, a spiritual entity, which will one day emerge, like the lotus flower, to blossom above water. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  

Light connects us to God

“Some people say they are believers but also admit that, for them, God is an abstract notion. They don’t know how to make contact with him, and they obviously feel that they are lacking something. In reality, the most effective method for connecting to God is to concentrate on light. God is not light, he is much more than light, and we cannot know him or even imagine him. But why then does it say in Genesis that on the first day God created light? He wanted to make light the very substance of the universe. If light is the first divine emanation, it is because it contains all the qualities and virtues of God, and this is why it is only through light that we can come close to God. Here is an exercise to do. Every day, remember to concentrate on light, imagine that the entire universe is bathed in light, that you are resting in it, merging with it, imbued with all its virtues. Do this several times a day, and little …

Learn to work with light- video

Learn to work with light, and you will understand that it is light that will bring you true riches. Thanks to light, even your relationships with those around you will improve. Why? Because when we live in abundance, we become generous and open to others. We feel the need to understand them and help them, and we are much less demanding and harsh with them. So make a habit of concentrating on light. Think that you are attracting it, introducing it into yourself, so that it fills your whole being with particles of the greatest purity. And when you feel that this light has become a part of you, make a practice of sending it out into space to help all your brothers and sisters on earth. When you have really learned to work with light- with the seven  colors that make up white light- you will discover all the power, clarity, purity and intelligence that light contains, for each color is the expression of a power or a virtue.  Work with the qualities of the seven …

Sending signals of light

You would like to receive help and blessings from heavenly entities, but how can they even see you if you do nothing to attract their attention? Send them a few signals of light at least. How? By projecting sparks, fireworks of pure colour, each day, from your heart, mind, soul and spirit. When they see them, these entities will say, ‘Oh, there’s a party down there; let’s go and join in!’ As they draw near, what they see will seem so beautiful to them that they will befriend you. They may even decide to live within you, and then everything will become easier for you. If spiritual work is to be taken seriously, it is because it is the only way to attract the presence and help of higher spirits. Light is the only thing they are sensitive to – but not just any kind of light, only the kind projected by creatures who work with their thoughts, feelings and wishes to make their whole being a dwelling worthy of the Divine. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov