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Etheric double imprints help form our habits

In our physical body, each of our organs’ cells has a memory-bearing etheric double. All of our cells, especially those making up the grey matter and white matter of our brain and solar plexus, record our actions, desires, feelings and thoughts. These recordings are kinds of negatives or imprints, and once etched, they tend to repeat themselves- this is how habits come to be. So if you want to replace old habits with new and better ones, you must change these imprints by striving to act according to the new orientation you wish to acquire. This requires constant vigilance, but tell yourself that vigilance is the secret to success. So make sure that every gesture, every word, every thought, every feeling becomes an opportunity to etch the prints of a new life within you. These new negatives put you in contact with the regions of light in the universe. And because these regions dwell within you too, they will give you the purest currents and the most precious particles to create within you the body …

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How to regenerate your cells

Disciples of Initiatic Science, through their thoughts, feelings and ideals, seek to bring about transformation to even the very heart of their own cells. They know that the billions of cells making up their physical body are home to small souls and that each one of them was given a specific activity. For a cell is not a simple particle of matter occupying any old place in the body. Each cell behaves like a worker who knows the work they must carry out in the part of the body where they are situated, and the smooth functioning of the whole depends on the work they do. It is hard to explain the connection linking human beings to all the souls in their body. But this connection does exist and it becomes very strong when a person realizes that, through the life they lead and by working with thought, they can link with their cells and regenerate them. In seeking to master, purify and enrich their own psychic life, not only do they influence the physical …

How to keep loved ones healthy

I know very many of us are deeply concerned about those close to us during the current pandemic and we want to do whatever we can to keep our loved ones healthy and happy. Of course, on the physical plane, I agree with medical authorities regarding hand- washing, social-distancing and self-isolation for those who are or could be affected. As a spiritualist, though, I believe that there are also things that we can do on the psychic, spiritual planes to help protect our own health and that of those we love. Even if there is no vaccine against the virus at present, the placebo effect-aka the power of the human mind and spirit (or faith in the God who lives within each of us), will strengthen the natural defences of those with belief. I recommend reading a special message from microbiologist Dr Bruce Lipton (the author of The Biology of Belief) where he talks about the affects of the placebo and the nocebo affect. The nocebo affect includes negative thinking, fear and other forms of …

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Consumerism is a sacrifice of human life

The economy has become the great preoccupation of people today; and in the interest of the economy, they feel obliged to hurry everywhere, to strain and exhaust themselves because they have to produce more and more, in order to sell more and more, so they can buy more and more, and so on. And all those we do not find sufficiently ‘profitable’, are eliminated. But what is this economy in which we find it acceptable to sacrifice human beings? It may certainly be flourishing more and more, while humans destroy not only their nervous systems; their hearts, their stomachs, and their lungs suffer as well. Because all this activity, all this production and accelerated consumption bring with it pollution which poisons the atmosphere, water, earth, food, and so on. Where is the intelligence in this? What has happened to reason? An ‘economy’ which spoils, destroys, pollutes, and squanders, is this really a true economy? Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov