Finding a soul mate- the evolution of sexuality

gazing gazing into each others eyes

This longer extract is related to the post ‘Meeting of souls-making love last’ and in it the master explains what we have to do in order to experience this divine form of love, the true meeting of Soul and Spirit. He outlines a whole process of spiritual evolution- from the  “male” and “female”  stage when we are driven solely by the biological need to satisfy our instincts, through the “brother and sister” stage where we begin to treat each other with much greater delicacy and respect. Eventually, we become capable of achieving the fusion of our souls and spirits in …

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Why do we fall in love?

Loving asian couple

Most men and women don’t know what it is that attracts them to one another. They are aware of an attraction but unaware of what gives rise to it. It isn’t people’s youth, beauty, wealth or power that inspires love. These assets may motivate some people to spend time with a person, but what they are experiencing isn’t real love, for if this person loses one or another of these external advantages, the others will abandon him or her in no time. What is the origin, then, of this attraction that gives rise to love? Two entities, two energies, encounter …

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Evolution towards flight

Dinosaurs were reptiles with four legs that lived on earth millions of years ago, and we now know that birds are the product of their evolution. Over time and with successive transformations, the front legs of these reptiles have become wings. Yes, as unbelievable as it may sound, dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. How to interpret this evolution? Perhaps among these reptiles there were some who were more enterprising, more daring, more curious who wanted to break free, fleeing the ground. Some others followed suit, while others, lazy and stubborn, have continued to crawl. Take this interpretation as you …

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Valentine’s day- advice for lovers

As it is almost Valentine’s Day, here is an extract from Love and Sexuality where the master offers some advice to lovers on how to experience a higher degree of love: ‘If human beings want to learn how to nourish the higher nature of those they love, wisdom and initiatic science is needed. Picture two beings who love each other very much and are deeply committed to a high spiritual ideal, who are steeped, day and night, in the light of a spiritual teaching: they are living their love on a higher level. Each of them thinks of the good …

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The tree of love- spiritual sexuality

“Love may be compared to a tree. In this tree, sexuality is represented by the roots, roots that are deeply buried in the human being: we cannot pull them up and we should not try to, because they are as indispensable to us as the roots are to a tree. The only way we should explore love is by seeking to go higher, further up into the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits. And the flowers and fruits of love are sacrifice. The most spiritual form of love receives its power from the sexual force, but …

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The sacred side of sexuality

 “The next time you take someone into your arms, project them all the way to heaven and link them to the higher regions. A man should address the Divine Mother through his beloved and she should address the Heavenly Father through him -instead of limiting their exchanges to the lower regions, both of them will be linking themselves to the Source. In this way both of you take the riches God has given you- life and the emanations and warmth of mutual love -and instead of using them for your own pleasure, you drink together the purest form of love …

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