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  1. Amazing resource for the Master’s teachings. Thank you in abundance. May all be blessed to study, practice and come alive with the Teachings. Love and blessings…. xo

  2. I live in New York, USA, and have read about the Master in the past. Do you recommend any particular book or manual that would help on practicing sunrise meditation, and movements exercises. Happy to find this beautiful resources.

  3. Hi Maria
    I am happy to hear you find the site useful.

    There are several book that spring to mind- For sunrise meditation, the main text is ‘The Splendour of Tipheret- The Yoga of the Sun’ (Tipheret refers to the sun in the Caballah).

    There is also a really good little brochure called Sunrise Meditations which has short passages that can be used for daily practice at sunrise.

    For the movement exercises there is Bringing symbols to life – the gymnastic exercises (fortunately this is heavily discounted in the USA at the moment).
    There is also some information in the book A New Earth – prayers. methods,exercises

    You can visit Prosveta USA (the distributor of the master in the States) here:
    There is a handy flip through function so you can read the first part of the book.

    Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to contact me if you need more info in the future.

  4. I am looking for the source of this verse:

    May I have a heart as pure as a crystal
    May I have a mind as bright as the sun
    May I have a soul as vast as the universe
    May I have a spirit as powerful as God and one with God

    Do you know if it is Peter Deunov or Mikhael Aivanhov? Thank you

    • Hi Cecille

      Sorry for the late reply to your question. The verse is known as the high ideal of the universal white brotherhood and was originally given by Peter Deunov to his disciples in Bulgaria. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov taught it in France and it is now used by disciples of both masters.
      The original starts ‘To have a heart as pure as principle, a mind as luminous…….’


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