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Extracts from the books of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on God and spiritual traditions.

Glitter path on water

True life is living in harmony with God’s plans

Generally, people devote their days to the satisfaction of their desires and the realization of their ambitions. They rarely question the nature of all these calculations, designs and projects. Do they ever think to turn to heavenly beings and ask, ‘O luminous spirits, are we in harmony with your plans? What is your opinion? What do you have in mind for us? Where and how must we work to accomplish your will?’ Very few ask themselves these questions. Nothing, however, is more important for a human being than to ask the beings of light in the invisible world to enable them one day to carry out the projects of heaven. Because at that very moment, their whole life changes: they are no longer guided by their whims, their weaknesses, and their blindness. In their efforts to know divine will, they put themselves on a different track; they take a direction which corresponds to God’s plans, and that is the true life! Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

Meditation: give priority to the activity of the Spirit

Anyone who strives in their inner life to give priority to the activity of the spirit, their higher self, is already participating in the cosmic work of Christ, of God himself. Yes, this activity which takes place in another sphere, most often without our knowledge, is something mysterious, but is a reality. When you are absorbed in your daily tasks, you cannot begin to imagine what your higher self is doing. One day, perhaps, when your mind is sufficiently developed, you will become conscious of the work it carries out in all regions of the universe. For the time being, it is essential to become aware of its presence within you. How? First of all, during your meditations, start by making peace with the inhabitants within you and put them in the service of love and light. Gradually this work will take place naturally, without your having to think about it, and because of it you will reunite with your higher self which is a quintessence of God himself. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov To read more …

Why does hatred exist?

Animosity and hatred arise between human beings because face-to-face with one another they are never conscious that they are in the presence of a spirit, a spark that is seeking to manifest itself and that, in order to help this spirit before them, it is worth their while to be kind, patient, understanding and generous. Given the way they are used to seeing each other and what they see in each other when they meet, it is inevitable that they end up wanting to kill each other. And even some who have, supposedly, placed the love of God and others as the foundation of their religion, do they not continue to live in hostility and confrontation? Yes. And why? Precisely because they never see beyond people’s lower nature. If they understood that there was a soul and spirit in them to which they could relate, they would feel obliged to behave differently. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations The only way you can truly know reality is if you recognize the divinity in every single being, …

Safety in God, our heavenly parents

There is no greater happiness than to feel at least once in our life like a true child of God. At least once to experience feeling safe in the bosom of the Eternal, in our primal purity and innocence. In order one day to be able to know this state of consciousness, we must undertake a great work with light, to bring light and purity into all the dark recesses of our psychic life. If we seek to identify more and more with our higher self, with our spirit, we will one day remember what we once were in the distant past when we still lived in God. And so we will gradually feel regenerated , back in favour, the son or daughter of our heavenly father. Only our spirit is truly innocent, and by doing all we can to get closer to it we will regain our original innocence. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The master gave an interesting and very helpful commentary on the words of Jesus- ‘Unless you become as little children you cannot …

Ocean of light- true knowledge and freedom

In order to transcend the limits of their consciousness,  disciples of initiatic science must learn to project themselves up to great heights, to the sublime Being that embraces and nourishes every creature. A disciple seeks to know how this Being envisions the destiny of mankind, what its plans are for the disciple’s own evolution, not just in the near future, but more importantly, in the distant future. And it is through striving to draw closer and closer to this immense, luminous and perfect Being that disciples are able to detach themselves. A transformation takes place within them, in their subconscious, in their consciousness, and in their super consciousness, and what they then feel and experience is indescribable. This practice is one of the most beneficial: by devoting themselves to it every day, disciples distance themselves from their limited ego and dissolve into this ocean of light which is God. It is here that they receive true knowledge and discover freedom. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Finding God in light  

Meeting with angels of light

Whether you are alone in nature or in your room, you are in fact never alone; entities are part of your life. Those who work for the good are always encountering entities of light who rejoice with them and help them in difficult times by affording them glimpses of a way out of their problems, of solutions to them. Most of the time this happens unbeknown to them. But if they strive to become aware of these benevolent presences, they will benefit much more from them. How to draw these entities to you? With your love. Think as often as possible of sending them a smile, a glance, a beam from your heart, while saying, ‘O you who inhabit the vastness of space, I love you, I wish to understand you, to be in harmony with you.’ Perhaps no-one around you will notice that you have sent a message out into space, but the entities will, and they will receive your love and rejoice, sending love back to you a hundredfold. These are true exchanges, …

Angel on the mountain- Gabriel and the Winter Solstice

Following on from my last post, I am continuing the theme of the Winter Solstice with something on Gabriel, the archangel governing the Winter and birth. Gabriel, whose name means ‘God is my strength’, is well-known to Jews, Christians and Muslims- It was Gabriel that dictated the Koran to Mohammed and announced the birth of Jesus to Mary. And in the Jewish Cabbala, Gabriel is the regent of Yesod, the Sephirah that corresponds to the Moon. He governs the cosmic forces that condense and concretize etheric substances into matter and was instrumental in the mystery of Jesus’ birth and of all births before and since, both physical and spiritual. The moon is linked to the imagination and today, I would like to share a short visualization for the Winter Solstice. The imagery was influenced by the master’s words in the books ‘Angels’ and ‘The Mysteries of Yesod’ and also by the lyrics of Christmas carols. In ‘Angels’ the master explains  the name of God in the Kabbalistic Sephirah Yesod is Shadai El Hai which translates as ‘Almighty Living God ‘ …