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Extracts from the books of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on spiritual self-transformation

Autumn gold

Why do alchemists describe the transformation of matter in the Great Work as a sequence of colours? Because they have observed this sequence in the world of vegetation. Think of fruit trees, for example: except for some nuances – for nature is rich in variety – they pass through a series of colours, and always in the same order. In winter, the trees are black and bare. In spring, they become white with flowers and green with leaves. Then comes summer, and the ripening fruits turn yellow and red. In autumn the foliage turns red and gold, and with red and gold the process is finished. It is the end of the cycle, as it is in the work of alchemy. Like vegetation, human beings must inwardly pass through all the phases of the alchemical process: they die, then they are reborn, resurrecting with new virtues and powers: new colours. Related Books: True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection The Philosopher’s Stone

Problems to pearls

If you know how to observe nature, you will see that it continuously offers us ways to solve our problems. For example, how does an oyster make a pearl? First of all, a grain of sand falls into its shell, and this grain of sand is a problem, an irritant. ‘Oh’, says the oyster, ‘how can I get rid of this? It is scratching me, it irritates me, what can I do?’ It begins to think, it concentrates, it meditates! And one day it begins to secrete a special substance that envelops this irritating grain of sand in such a way that it becomes smooth, polished and velvety. And when it has succeeded, it is happy and says to itself, ‘Not only is this grain of sand no longer bothering me, but I have also produced a magnificent pearl!’ This is the lesson of the pearl oyster: it teaches you that by means of thought you can envelop your worries and irritation in a luminous, iridescent substance, and in doing so you amass extraordinary riches …