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Extracts from the books of master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on human nature and the divine nature.

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The Cosmic Being that dwells within

We should understand the Lord exists right there within us, and at the same time remember that we are a part of him, an infinitesimal particle, that He is the whole and we are a particle of this whole. If you pray to the Lord thinking he is somewhere beyond the stars, how do you expect your prayer to reach Him? Yes, it is true that prayer travels throughout the universe; but it takes so long for it to cross infinite space! On the other hand, if the Lord is right here within you, all you have to do is say, “Hello, Lord!” and immediately you have established a connection. Of course, it isn’t easy to conceive of the Lord as inseparable from us. But there are some exercises which allow you to achieve this. Those of you who are disciples of a spiritual teaching already know you must learn to free your consciousness from the limited circle of your lower nature. For that allows it to fuse into the unlimited consciousness of the Cosmic …

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The enemy within- the lower nature

Human beings’ lower nature is like an enemy who continues to destroy the good work they have done. Despite them seeking to transform their being into a land where vegetation will grow to nourish themselves as well as others, their lower nature strives to sow the seeds of poisonous plants in them: jealousy, pride, sensuality, greed, vanity, anger, and so on. And why does it so often succeed? Because humans are neither educated nor vigilant. Try to identify this inner enemy seeking to sneak through and sow weeds or even poisonous plants in you. By studying the methods it uses you will be warned of its arrival. Because there are warning signs whenever it comes near: a thought, an image, a feeling, a desire. If you fall prey to it, it is because you have not analysed yourself well; you are just walking about on the surface of your own being, waiting for great hardships so you can start worrying about what is happening within you. Now that you have been warned, you will be …

Expressing our true, divine nature

You should understand that you are divinities. Yes, divinities, and you live on a higher plane free of limitations, shadows and darkness, sorrow and suffering, in the midst of abundance and joy. Do you know what prevents you from manifesting the splendour of those higher regions here below? Your personality- in other words, your lower nature. Your personality is too unadaptable, too self-centred to capture the subtle messages from those regions… like a radio that cannot pick up all the stations. The waves and vibrations released by Cosmic Intelligence in the higher spheres are swift as lightning, and the matter of the personality is too dense, too hard of hearing to vibrate in tune with them, and so it cannot seize divine messages. They flash by without making an impression and we continue to live in ignorance, far from knowing or experiencing the wonderful joy of our higher Being. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Jnani Yoga  There are ways of changing this situation. If you choose to lead a pure life and become once again a …

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Look for the divinity that lives within every man and woman

Try to understand me when I tell you that I look for the divinity which lives within every man and every woman, and try to do as I do. It is by behaving in this way that we show our respect for the works of God. Because I admire the wisdom of the Lord, I sense something infinitely beautiful and precious in every being which deserves to be considered and loved. Too bad if some of you make fun of my attitude and think that I live in a world of illusion! On the contrary, I know that I live in true reality, in fact the only reality. So I advise you to live in this reality too. Since God has created humans in his image, by seeking the divinity in each man and in each woman, not only do we show the Lord our faith and our love, but we also intensify his presence within us. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily Meditations Expressing our true, divine nature Universal Spirit lives in all beings

What beings dwell inside us?

Because the human being is seen as a single body, the physical body, they are generally thought to be inhabited by a single entity, and yet daily life continually proves otherwise. Entities of completely different natures take turns in expressing themselves through them, and this is why humans can appear in turn intelligent and stupid, kind and cruel, generous and miserly, modest and conceited, and so on. This mixture of disparate elements making up each human being remains an enigma even for philosophers and psychologists. And yet, it can be very simply explained by the fact that human beings themselves have attracted these different entities in this life or in past lives. So you should not be surprised when you see someone who expresses contradictory tendencies. And as far as you are concerned, you must carefully observe yourself, so that you can tell at any time which entity is speaking or acting through you. Just because, at certain times, you are capable of acting with kindness or wisdom, doesn’t mean you are impeccable all the …