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The Lotus within- symbolism of leaves, flowers and fruits

A human being represents a tree with its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. All people have roots, a trunk and branches but very few receive the kiss of spring: most of them are barren. They bear no fruit nor flowers nor even leaves: they are mournful winter trees, black and stark.

And yet every single human being has a lotus blossom within him But it takes a great deal of work and understanding as well as the sacrifice of a great deal of time to induce these flowers to bloom, to perfume the air with their fragrance and to form fruit. The fruits are the accomplishments of their different virtues.

In India, the concept of the birth of the divinity is symbolised by the Lotus blossom in which Krishna is born. The birth of Krishna is the birth of our higher Self within.

But there is also the myth that tells how Saturn was overthrown by his son, Jupiter, and took refuge underground where he works in the mines, and this expresses the human being’s fall into the the lowest, most dense material level, the levels of roots, and on this level light and movement are severely restricted. The higher we move up the trunk and into the the branches, the freer we are to move about and the more light, warmth and joy we find.

Leaves, flowers, fruit: these are love, wisdom and truth. Leaves represent wisdom, flowers represent love and fruit represents truth. The leaves show immense wisdom when they transform the raw sap, just as alchemists transformed base metals into gold with the help of the Philosophers’s stone. The flowers are associated with love: their colours and perfumes and the fragile purity of their petals are an attraction to all creatures. It is the flower which contains the nectar that insects feed on. Fruits represent truth, the result of the union of wisdom and love.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Spiritual Alchemy

Into the light

Expressing our true, divine nature

Spirit in blossom

Purple blossoms

Making conscious exchanges with nature

Nature is the great book which we need to learn to decipher. It is the cosmic powerhouse to which we must be connected. But how can we make that connection? It is very simple: the secret is love. If we love nature we shall find a great force welling up in us. This is the force of love and it is a spring which, in its flowing, washes away all impurities. The waters flowing from the spring of love open up the clogged channels within us and release that marvellous exchange which brings us the elixir of everlasting life.

Gradually, as our attitude towards nature is modified, so is our destiny. If we believe that everything in nature is inanimate we deprive ourselves of a certain degree of life, but if we believe that everything in nature is alive, then everything- the stones, plants, animals, even the stars- will contribute to increasing the flow of life within us. And as the flow of life in our physical body intensifies and our spirit becomes stronger,  then true, perfect life enters into us and circulates through the solar plexus, setting up a flow of harmonious energy. It is only then that we attain true comprehension. And true comprehension is feeling.

One day we will no longer look for truth in books, we will receive it through a harmonious intercourse with the the whole of nature. Most people are content to read: they fill their minds with all kinds of information which they exhibit to others, but the lives they lead are in direct contradiction to what thy profess to know. They attach no importance to the way in which they live or to the exchanges they could have with nature. And yet, if they only knew it, nothing can more effectively restore harmony within us, cure us of our illnesses and give us a sense of fulfilment than the way we live – by the way we eat, drink, breathe and pray.

So we must believe,  and we must also learn to feel that nature is alive and that we can relate to her through a bond of love, feeling that God manifests through her.

Sisters unite

Women have much to reproach men for, because men have for centuries used and abused their physical superiority and their authority to force women to be in their service. Men have shown themselves to be careless, egocentric, unjust, violent and cruel. And now the situation has changed and women are gaining their independence. They are waking up and rising up. But if they get up to take revenge, the results will be no better, not even for them. Women must now show themselves generous and forgive men. Since they are the mothers, since their nature leads them to be good, tolerant, compassionate and ready to give love and to sacrifice themselves, they must not look to make men pay for everything men subjected them to.
Women must rise above their personal interests in order to awaken to higher virtues in the light. It is therefore up to all women on earth to come together, to join forces to work together and build: work on the children they bring into the world and on the men, the fathers of their children. This is how they will play their part in the regeneration of humankind.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I am also posting today the video and the chorus of a beautiful song by Ajeet Kaur, Haseya. Haseya means ‘she rises up’.  The song poetically echoes the master’s appeal for all women on earth to unite for the good of humanity. It is a beautiful expression of the divine feminine. Hope you find it inspiring!  SJJ

Rise up my sisters rise up
We are the water, the sacred cup
It’s in our hands that all life grows

It’s in your dance
It’s in your hands
It’s in your love we rise above
It’s in your song I hear my soul

So rise up my sisters rise up
Let us lift each other up
Sing it from your heart
and from your soul


The sun and moon they shine together
She moves the waters
and dances with the heavens
In your eyes I see Haseya rise
In your eyes I see the giver of this life


Original song by Ajeet Kaur available from Spirit Voyage.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov with pine trees

Nature sends us messages all the time

An initiate does not speak only with words; his language can be compared to that of nature. What does nature do? It sends us messages all the time. It does not use words, and yet it speaks to us: the sun, stars, forests, lakes, oceans, and mountains speak to us by constantly communicating something of their life and their secrets. These communications are recorded within us, but we are not conscious of them. Yet, it is thanks to them that little by little our sensitivity is enriched and our understanding enhanced. We do not know how this understanding comes about, but it does.
An initiate’s language is identical to that of nature. Thanks to the power of his spirit, he emits particles, he projects rays, and, consciously or unconsciously, those who receive them are enlightened and enriched.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

Speaking nature’s language

Bench overlooking lake with trees

Breathe in Prana – respiration in the open air

We should ideally do our morning gymnastic and breathing exercises every day in nature so as to benefit from the purest air possible, since it’s from the air that we can harness this precious quintessence the Indian yogis called prana. Prana is life energy that exists everywhere, in the earth, in water, air and fire, but it is mainly carried by the sun’s rays, and is most abundant in the early morning. Each particle of this prana is like a drop of crystalline water, a tiny, suspended sphere of light filled with a spiritual essence. And we can capture some of these drops of light through our breathing.
By consciously passing the air through our nostrils, we set our subtle centres in motion and they work to extract the quintessence from the air. Once it has been captured, this quintessence circulates; it is like fire running through the network of nerves on either side of our spine. Just as blood circulates though veins, arteries and capillaries, prana circulates throughout our nervous system. Not only does our physical health depend on our nervous system, but so do the development of our spiritual faculties and the awakening of our chakras.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily Meditations

Rhythmic breathing- the universal ebb and flow

A tree is a living being

You have a tree in your garden: you can pass it several times a day without paying it any attention, as if it were a piece of stage set made from plaster or cardboard. But you can also be conscious that it is a living being, and you can even approach it, greet it, talk to it, and absorb what it represents.
You may say, ‘Greet a tree, talk to it, what good can that do?’ Of course, physically and materially, this changes nothing. But, on the subtle planes, the tree is enriched by your presence and, at the same time, you are enriched by it. It is you, in fact, who gains the most: you enter into communication with the life that circulates from the roots all the way to the tips of its branches, and you also become acquainted with the invisible creatures who live in it and look after it. Yes, for there are beings who work to maintain life everywhere in nature.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

The Secret Life of Trees   (video)

Pentecost- new wine in new wineskins

If only people had an idea of what physiological, chemical and psychological improvements take place in the presence of a divine idea! Yet it is precisely this presence they push away from themselves and, if they continue to do so they will never find the same opportunities to transform themselves. One day they will regret having acted in this way and will say, “How true, I chased away the light so many times because I was afraid of the Spirit within me!” I have often noticed that people are much more afraid of the Spirit and sublime states of consciouness than they are of hell and all its devils, of suffering, disorder, and all those lower states of being.

In a way they have a point of view because somewhere within them they are aware that they are not new wineskins and so, instinctively, they are afraid of being unable to bear this new life, this new expnsion of their consciouness, and also they still feel the need to life life at a lower level. Those who fear the life of the Spirit do not really know why they fear it but feel, instinctively, that there is something to fear: they will have to give up their old habits. In reality, there is nothing more beautiful than to be able to grasp the spiritual currents of life, strength and joy which come daily to us, to receive this love whcih constantly transpierces our souls. If we block these currents because of weaknesses, our thoughts and our negative feelings, it shows that our wineskins are not ready to receive the new wine. We have old skins and we must change them. The cells of the body are constantly renewed. Each day old and sickly cells are replaced by new and healthy ones.

This process of renewal works in a seven year cycle during which all the molecules and atoms of our bodies are replaced by others. In that case, I hear you argue, the renewal is complete! Not so, because even if all our cells have been replaced, you must realize that each cell has a memory and so is able to transmit etheric imprints of old habits onto new cells. Thanks to these imprints, thoughts, feelings and energies circulate in these old, well-traced furrows… which explains why the new particles  inherit the meories of the old particles, and, despite the fact that seven years have rolled by, the cells still remain the same or, often, in a much worse condition.

If you are to achieve real self- transformation, you must change the memories of your cells. As fast as the new cells come in, you must impregnate them with new thoughts and with new feelings. Yes, if you are really conscious, you can renew the wineskins as fast as your pour in the new wine of a spiritual teaching. Otherwise, if you go on living in the same disorder and with the sme dangerous habits, fermentation will take place in the wine skins. For this reason, as we receive this spiritual teaching, we must at the same time transform the memory of our cells. This we do by consciously introducing new elements into ourselves, watching over the purity of the food, drink and air we take in and scutinizing all we absorb, both visible and invisible. Then, and then alone, we can receive a new philosophy and new spiritual currents without the slightest trace of fear,

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   New Light on the Gospels

Meditation for Pentecost- The Mystic Bridegroom

Pentecost- the dove, the flame and the higher Self