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young couple gazing into each other's eyes with love

Love’s subtle exchanges

This is the full text of the video with extracts from Love and Sexuality and The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. The video is published on the Home page. There is also a link to view it on youtube at the end of this post.

“Sometimes you meet a being to whom you feel immediately attracted. This person is like a vase filled with a precious essence that plunges you into a state of wonder. They inspire you, broaden your horizons and reveal the beauty of heaven and earth to you. Thank the Lord for having met this person, and if you want your joy to last for a long time, try to keep some distance.

Why? Because the space between two people only appears to be empty. In reality, it is filled with subtle essences which are the best conductors of psychic energy. It is this space that makes exchanges of harmony and light possible. While there is a certain distance between you and the person you love, you can exchange energy. Thanks to this exchange you energise each other.

Each time you meet, you will leave each other fulfilled, pervaded by an extraordinary happiness. This is because distance creates the best conditions for communication between you. You will discover that a look, a moment of silence, a smile through which the soul expresses itself, is more precious than any physical form of expression or gift. 

If you really take this advice on board and try to apply it, your life will never be short of happy encounters. And because you will know how to appreciate them, you will truly know what love is…

One day, a young man came to visit me: he told me he was engaged to be married, he loved his fiancée and he was sure that she loved him back. But in spite of that he still asked himself certain questions. He told me, ‘When I gaze into my fiancée’s eyes, I don’t really know who I’m looking at, and I don’t know who it is in me that’s looking at her either.’

I was astonished by the subtlety of this remark, for it is true, the identity of beings is a great mystery. What are the entities that live inside us and what are those that inhabit our friends, our family and all those around us? We do not know. For, in reality, each person is a dwelling place inhabited successively by spirits of differing natures. And therefore it is fundamentally impossible to know exactly who you have in front of you.

I said to the young man, ‘This is what I can tell you: The young girl you love is inhabited by invisible beings who are the cause of what you love in her. So pray that God does not allow these benevolent entities to leave her and leave you, for if that happens you will lose your love. Pray also that the entities living in yourself – which are what make her love you – never leave you either.’ I sensed he was listening to me very attentively and he left in a very thoughtful mood….

Try to understand that it is heaven that places souls on your path. Love is an exchange between two currents of energy, between two opposite but complementary poles. It isn’t the physical body that inspires love; this often comes into play only as an outcome, at the end of the process; it merely follows on. Love is inspired by something invisible.

People attach far more importance to the body than it really deserves. People die, but their souls, which are alive, continue to meet. It is people’s inner life that creates attraction or repulsion. Before their bodies are attracted to each other, there are fluidic exchanges that lead them to approach each other. Their bodies simply follow this movement at the end of the process.

Of course, the first thing people notice in others is their outward appearance, their physical aspect, their profession or social position. But these assets don’t impress people for long unless they sense that behind these externals there is something subtle and alive that corresponds to what they need in the deepest part of themselves.

So, if you want to find real love, work on yourself. Create something within that is pure, luminous, poetic and musical. You will attract men and women who are also looking for purity, light, poetry and music. Never forget that it is here, in these subtle vibrations, in these currents of energy, that you will find what is essential.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Summer Solstice: Secrets of Alchemy and Sublimation

“The traditional literature of all countries contains innumerable legends and accounts of mythological battles between the forces of light and darkness. On about June 21, with the Summer Solstice, we enter the period in which light triumphs over darkness, and a few days later on June 24th, we celebrate the feast of St John the Baptist. On that date it is customary to light fires that burn all night. The Summer Solstice is ruled by the Archangel Uriel who is an archangel of light: his name means ‘God is my light’. The feast of St John coincides with the moment when the sun enters Cancer- the sign in which Venus is in exaltation- and this is no chance coincidence, for the feast of St John is the feast of fire, the feast of the summer heat which ripens fruit and all other things in nature, But this fire is also the fire of physical, sensual love and it is well known that, in some countries, the night of St John was the occasion for all kinds of sexual excesses.

In the Sephirotic Tree of Life, Uriel is the Archangel of the Sephirah Malkuth, the Earth. As such he is in communication with the inner fire of the planet, and some of the angels under his command work with the metals and precious stones of the earth. This is the work that the Greeks attributed to their god Hephaestus (the Roman Vulcan). Hephaestus, or Vulcan, used fire as he worked with stone and metal, for fire is the only force capable of melting stone and making them malleable…


If men and women are conscious and attentive during this period of the Summer Solstice, when light is at its most powerful and the forces of night and darkness are retreating, they will receive the power to launch an attack on their own inner darkness- and they will have a good chance of being victorious. When the nights are growing longer and the light fading, when the vital currents in the world are beginning to contract and slacken under pressure from contrary forces that are gaining in vigor, it is not the time to undertake this kind of work. Conditions, both within and without, no longer lend themselves to the task. In a period in which light is triumphant, however, men and women who are truly desirous of doing some important work for the world can do so in good conditions; if they have already settled their own personal problems, they have the right and even the duty to go further.

Since Uriel is the archangel of fire, he has ties, not only with the physical terrestrial fire, but also with the fire of that tremendous sexual energy constantly simmering within human beings. It is for this reason that it is essential to learn to work with the archangel Uriel: because it is essential to learn to work with fire in order to sublimate all these energies. What exactly is sublimation? It is the passage from one state to another, and it is heat that effects this passage, When the temperature is below zero degrees, water freezes and becomes solid; if you heat it slightly to 1 degree it melts and becomes liquid again. Heat it even more, to 100 degrees  and it changes into steam. And if you want to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen contained in steam, you will need even more heat. The only problem for engineers who use very high temperatures in transforming certain gases or liquids is that of finding containers and tubing made of suitable heat- resistant materials.

summer fire

But all these modern techniques that science is learning to apply in dealing with matter have been known to esoteric science from earliest antiquity. The initiates, who have an intimate knowledge of human nature, have known for a long time that man’s body is equipped with a network of circuits, ducts and ramifications that permit the circulation and transmutation of very potent elements. I am not talking about the circulatory system, although the capillaries are extremely fine blood vessels, or even about the finer fibres of the nervous system. I am talking about another, even subtler network which enables humans to transmute and sublimate matter and raise it to the etheric state. This process is constantly taking place in our bodies, thanks to the extremely complex and subtle networks with which the human lungs, heart and brain, and above all, spinal column, have been equipped by Cosmic Intelligence.

These transformations take place in all human beings, but to a greater or lesser degree and, very often, without their knowledge. An unconscious work of spiritual alchemy is constantly going on in our souls and bodies; the important thing, now, is to become conscious of it, knowing that we are equipped with the network of channels we need to sublimate raw matter and transport it to ever subtler regions. How can we best prepare ourselves for this work of sublimation? By living a life of purity and harmony and by consciously opening ourselves up to the powerful currents of light from heaven.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  The Fruits of the Tree of LIfe:-The Cabbalistic Tradition

The video Surya Yoga Meditative Practices at Sunrise has extracts from the master on meditating at sunrise during the Spring and Summer months. This practice is called Surya Yoga

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sunrise over a field

Participating in God’s work throughout all nature

God is always present in his creation, he continually supports it with his life and his love. And, at whatever level they may be, every human being can also participate in this divine work by striving to make the currents flowing in and around them converge toward the Source of life.
Think about this in the morning when you attend the sunrise. Look at the sun, realizing that it never stops illuminating, warming and vivifying all creatures. It is the best symbol of the harmonization and purification work we must all do, and this work has beneficial consequences not only for us, but for the whole world. At first, you may not understand the importance of it, because it takes a lot of time and effort for the events that take place in the subtle regions of your being to reach your consciousness. But even if you do not yet realize what effects your participation in this work produces, this participation is very real.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 12th June, 2019

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people watching sunrise on a rock

Video: Surya Yoga- sunrise meditation

Here is the text to the video Surya Yoga- meditative practices at sunrise: The master Omraam strongly recommended this type of meditation which is an ancient Vedic practice.

The sun is so much more than just a star shining in the sky. In the morning, when you see it appear and rise on the horizon, imagine that you rise with it. The vibrations of your entire being will gradually intensify. You will soon feel the sun enter you so deeply that you will no longer be able to distance yourself from it. Every element in your being will be exalted.  

You will feel projected into increasingly vast and luminous regions in space, you will discover truths that remained hidden to you up until now, and the notion of time will cease to exist. For a few moments at least, you will forget the earth with its tragedies and misery, and you will live in eternity.

When you look at the sun, the centre of our solar system, try to find the centre in you: your spirit – almighty, wise, omniscient, universal love – and draw nearer to it every day! While you remain disconnected from the centre, you will be tossed around, at the mercy of the winds and storms that blow throughout the world.

Of course your daily tasks force you to leave the centre to go to your activities at the periphery. But moving away from the centre, when necessary, does not mean cutting the connection with the centre. On the contrary, the more activities we have in the world – the periphery – the stronger should be the link with the centre, with the spirit.

It is from this centre that you receive the energy, light and peace you need to carry out these activities. And the sun helps you to maintain the link with the centre within you.

Learn to rally your thoughts, your desires and even all the tendencies of your lower nature to fulfil a sublime ideal. The sun can help you achieve this task of unification and harmonization. As you watch it rise in the morning, imagine that your consciousness is drawing closer to your own sun – your spirit, your higher self – to merge with it.

When you have succeeded in pacifying and bringing together all the opposing forces that pull you about, to project them in a single direction, toward the light and the divine, you will become such a centre of power that you will be able to radiate out in all directions, like the sun.

Those who have been able to solve their own problems are free and can begin to concern themselves with others. Thanks to freedom they have acquired, they expand their field of consciousness to include all of humankind, and like the sun, they send the superabundant light and love that overflows from them.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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In service of a great idea

Life has meaning only to those who place themselves in service of a great idea: beauty, peace, justice, brotherhood, and so on. An idea is a living being that works on them: it shapes them and models them to the point that one day, they come to embody something of this world of perfection in their way of thinking and acting.
Since an idea is a living being, it is endowed with specific qualities. So, the moment you work for it, you benefit from its wealth. Even if you have only one idea, despite all your weak points, this idea that lives in the kingdom of light puts you in contact with all its friends and introduces you to other beings and other regions on high. We must understand the magical nature of the concept of an idea because what is true of the power of ideas inspired by good is also true of the power of ideas inspired by evil. That is why you must be lucid and vigilant before accepting an idea and deciding to implement it.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 3rd March 2019

Disciples of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov cherish an individual and collective ideal. ‘The high ideal’ was initially given by master Peter Deunov.

‘Have a heart as pure as crystal, a mind as luminous as the sun, a soul as vast as the universe and a spirit as powerful as God and one with God’.

The following article provides an overview of the collective ideal of universal brotherhood- a world of peace and justice for all.

Article: Universal Brotherhood in the Age of Aquarius

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Milky way and large rock

Peaceful silence of the stars

This is the text by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov of the video published on the front page of this blog. It is from The Path of Silence, the chapter called Revelations of a starry sky.

When I was young, in Bulgaria, I would sometimes climb up and spend the night at the top of Mount Mousalla. I would wrap myself up in several blankets and, stretching out on my back, gaze up at the starry sky. I’d try to link myself to the cosmic forces and entities of which the stars are only the physical aspect. I could not understand all they said to me, but I loved them; my whole soul glowed with the wonder of them while I lay and looked at them until, without realizing, I finally fell asleep.

Those were the years in which I discovered the extraordinary peace that floods your being when you spend a night on the mountain. I found myself transported to regions in which I felt and understood that the only activity that really matters in life is to become one with the cosmic Spirit that animates the universe. But often people cannot see the immensity, the infinite reaches of the heavens over their heads. If only they would lift their eyes to it, it would allow them to break the bonds that restrict them and allow them to breathe a purer air. Don’t be blind to that immensity; don’t deprive yourself of all the different opportunities that arise to lighten the burdens of daily life.

Whenever the sky is clear at night, go and gaze at the stars and drink in the peace that flows so sweetly from a starry sky. Put yourself in touch with each star and you will find that they respond and speak to you like living, intelligent souls. Try to pick out one with which you feel a special infinity and link yourself to it, imagine that you go and talk to it or that it comes and talks to you. The stars are very highly evolved souls. If you listen to them, you will find the solution to many of your problems and feel more peaceful and enlightened.

The more humanity evolves, the more the exchanges between us will be filled with light and love, like the exchanges between the constellations and the stars. One day, even war will become a war of love, with human beings sending each other rays of love, like the stars. War will never disappear entirely but it will be a different kind of war.

That is what I learnt when I used to sleep under the stars at night on the mountain of Rila, at 2,000 or 2,500 metres of altitude. Sometimes the snow would fall during the night and I would wake up entirely covered in snow! Ah, it was wonderful! I would go to sleep staring at the stars. That is how I discovered that the stars fight each other continually with light. And one, day humans will do the same thing. They will bombard each other with rays of love, with colours. Cosmic Intelligence will never suppress the human desire to fight. But it will be a different kind of war. No cannons and no bombs, but the weapons of light, of colour, of love…it will be war, but what a war! A war of light and love!

When human beings can admit that their souls and spirits meet on the spiritual planes where they become the great, universal family, then automatically they will no longer want to destroy each other.But as long as we insist on being separate, different, there will never be peace for humanity. Once we accept a new philosophy, a different philosophy, then peace will come.

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Finding a soul mate- the evolution of sexuality

This longer extract is related to the post ‘Meeting of souls-making love last’ and in it the master explains what we have to do in order to experience this divine form of love, the true meeting of Soul and Spirit. He outlines a whole process of spiritual evolution- from the  “male” and “female”  stage when we are driven solely by the biological need to satisfy our instincts, through the “brother and sister” stage where we begin to treat each other with much greater delicacy and respect. Eventually, we become capable of achieving the fusion of our souls and spirits in regions of light and beauty:   SJJ

“There is no need for me to tell you what males and females are, you will find them even amongst the most cultured and highly educated people! They are human beings who, in their innermost selves, are still primitive, who give priority to their instincts and their sensuality. Their desires and appetites are so demanding that they are incapable of denying them anything, male and female alike have only one desire, a certain type of relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

One degree above males and females, comes the category of men and women. They are still nothing very remarkable for, although their preoccupations are slightly more evolved than that of males and females, they are still principally physical, Higher still on the scale, we have the category of brothers an sisters. These are human beings who represent a higher level of consciousness , the level at which they no longer see themselves as separate and isolated from others.

Someone who loves like a man, considers himself different from others of his kind; he needs a wife who is distinct, apart from himself, and his behavior towards her in not that of a brother towards his sister. A brother has reached a higher, broader consciousness which embraces all human beings as members of the same family. Between a brother and sister there is no longer this sense of a separate existence which makes it possible for a man to abuse and violate his wife. On the contrary, his wife become his sister, a member of his own family, and this necessarily entails a different attitude towards her.

Spiritually Atune Couple

To become  brothers or sisters, therefore, represents a step forward in evolution, an expanded consciousness and, consequently, a higher type of behavior. Basically, though, the change is in a couple’s attitude towards each other. Although they are not brother and sister from the same physical family, once they are conscious of belonging to the same spiritual family, to the family of mankind, their desires become purer and more disinterested, instead of devouring each other, they try to help each other.

But someone who, to begin with, was a man or woman, and  has now learnt to manifest his or her love as a brother or sister, must now go a step further. If he remains a brother he will not be able to solve all his problems, there are still too may shadowy, disturbing elements within him, and, similarly, a sister is still subject to certain weaknesses. This is why a brother must become a spirit and a sister must manifest herself as a soul. When they achieve this, the scope of their love expands to such a degree that it embraces the whole of humanity and all living creatures. They feel themselves to be so vast, so exalted and noble that nothing negative can ever touch them again, for the soul and spirit are above everything. And, finally, when their ideal reaches out to embrace the whole universe, this soul and spirit will know no bounds and become all-powerful and omniscient; they will become divinities.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Love and Sexuality Part 2

Meeting of souls-making love last

The sacred side of sexuality

A luminous aura attracts all blessings

Celestial entities love the light, and when they catch sight of someone who is surrounded by this light which initiatic Science calls the aura, they rush towards them.
If I ask you, ‘Do you really long for love, peace, health and beauty?’ you will all reply, ‘Oh, yes! We want nothing but this!’ So then, what are you doing to obtain them? All blessings cannot come to you simply by chance. The best way to attract them is to work on your aura: vivify it with your love, illuminate it with your wisdom, make it powerful with your strength of character, and make it clear and transparent with your purity. Even if you do no concentration exercises to develop the colors of your aura, simply working within to nourish the divine virtues will attract the beautiful colors corresponding to them. And then, celestial creatures who come to bathe in it will bring you their presents, and around you, human beings will feel nourished, calmed, strengthened and transported in a divine direction.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Daily Meditations

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A lovely child with apple blossom

The Spring Equinox- renewal

These extracts on the Spring Equinox are taken from the books Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition and the Splendour of Tiphareth and they are the text of the video published at the top of the Home page.

The video can also be viewed on Youtube here: (The Spring Equinox)

You are waiting for me to speak to you…but Nature has already said it all!  Can you see that a tremendous event is taking place all around you? Yes, you can feel that a new wave from the cosmic ocean is breaking and in a short while the whole earth will be newly arrayed with flowers, trees and birds. What splendid attire! It is the most extraordinary phenomenon of life, this regeneration and renewal…

For the spiritually awakened, this period of the Spring Equinox is most important. We must use it as a time of purification, of regeneration. It is not enough to notice that the birds are singing, flowers are appearing above the ground and people are more cheerful than usual. There is important work to be done- the work of renewal.

Nature is sending us everything we need in the way of stimulating energies for the rest of the year. And it is up to us not to let those energies pass by without seizing them. We must make the effort to open ourselves, to open our inner doors and windows so that life can penetrate and permeate us. That’s why, in spring and summer, we should go to watch the sunrise: in order to drink the quintessence of life as it spreads throughout the universe.

So, contemplate the sun as it rises in the morning and allow nothing to distract you. Let other matters wait, put aside everything old and worn, and concentrate on the new life, enter into communication with the great current, springing forth from the heart of the universe… No presence in the world can bring order and harmony into you like the sun, nor give you the same light, love, peace and joy. The sun is the source, bursting forth, shimmering and flowing… When you succeed in immersing yourself in this flow of light, you will never want to tear yourself away from it again.

We must all participate in the renewal, there is no distinction between young and old. Have you heard old trees say, ‘Oh! us, you know, we have already passed the age of budding and flowering, we now leave that to the young’? No, in spring they are also covered in leaves and flowers. So even old grandmothers, even old grandfathers should enter the round of spring, trotting, jumping, dancing – at least symbolically – and they will feel better.

Yes, make an effort to get up and greet the sunrise, to welcome this light into your heart, into your soul. You will taste immortal life.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Raphael and the healing energies of Spring

Meditation for Springtime

Raphael and the healing energies of Spring

The four seasons are placed under the influence of four archangels: Raphael presides over spring, Uriel over summer, Michael over autumn and Gabriel over winter. When the spring equinox is near, all the spirits and forces of nature work under the leadership of Raphael to bring life back to every part of the universe. This renewal in nature is synonymous for humans with regeneration and therefore also with healing. On the Tree of Life, Raphael is the archangel of the sephirah Hod, the region where cabbalists placed the planet Mercury. Furthermore, the attribute of the god Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology) is the caduceus, the symbol still used for medicine today. And the name Raphael means ‘God has healed’. For Christians, Easter is the great spring festival: the whole of nature celebrates Christ’s resurrection, which is also the resurrection of all creatures. This is why, when spring arrives, each person has some serious work to do: it is time to let go of everything inside that is old and obsolete. So, speak to the archangel Raphael, and ask him to make you receptive to the hidden virtues in trees, flowers and herbs, so that you can commune with this great current of energy coming from the heart of the universe and bringing new life.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations


Below is another Daily Mediation that is very closely related. Hope you like the photos which to me are very evocative of Spring- time joy. Raphael is associated with the color yellow in the Cabballa. SJJ

Over the course of the year the sun passes through four points called equinoxes and solstices, each one indicating the start of a new season. These four cardinal points are like nodes of cosmic forces and during these times new energies are deployed in the universe. But the regular change in season repeating itself every year does not mean that these forces are automatically or mechanically renewed. No, all changes are produced by the work of certain entities who are in charge of either plants, animals, human beings or other creatures. And each season is placed under the influence of an archangel: Raphael presides over Spring, Uriel over Summer, Michael over Autumn and Gabriel over Winter.

It is the Archangel Raphael who reigns over Spring. This archangel has command of a myriad of spirits who work under his supervision on the regeneration and growth of vegetation. So at the beginning of Spring you can establish a bond with the archangel Raphael. Ask him to make you receptive to the hidden virtues of trees, grasses and flowers, so that this new life penetrates you as well.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

The Spring Equinox

Easter: mystery of death and rebirth

Love is a spring

Meditation for Springtime

You received so much this morning at sunrise, what is there left to add? I am here to interpret certain phenomena, to explain things to you, that is all…for the rest you must address yourself to the sun. Look at the work he does on all the little seeds that were fast asleep! He says, ‘What are you waiting for? It is time to give! Come on, get to work!’  ‘But we are too weak!’ ‘No,no. come on try! You will see, I will help you’, and the tiny seeds take courage. each day the sun warms them, caresses them, speaks to them and in a little while the most magnificent flowers appear to inspire poets, painters and musicians. Why should it not be the same for us?

We are seeds that have been planted somewhere in the spiritual soil, and when we are warmed by the sun’s rays, we give off colors and perfumes so exquisite that even the gods are in ecstasy. If we become like flowers, why would the Divine beings not come and marvel at us? And then they would take care of us and make us even more pure, more luminous and fragrant.

Rejuvenation-entering the round of Spring

Raphael and the healing energies of Spring

 The Spring Equinox

Love is a Spring

Pink rose close-up

Tune to the harmony and peace of nature

If you want invisible beings to visit your soul and to help, protect and transform you, then strive to create a pure atmosphere free of all disharmony. It is only in the midst of love, beauty, purity and light that great changes can take place within you.
When you are in a forest, near a spring or by a lake, be still for a while; let the silence, freshness and purity penetrate you. And as you listen to the water and the birds sing, when you hear the rustling of leaves and gaze at the stars in the night sky, abandon yourself to this peace, to this harmony. And just as you tune to nature, so too must you learn to tune to human beings. When you are in the presence of someone who emanates the fragrance of a flower garden or the music of a spring, try to tune to them, for this being can enlighten you, guide you, save you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 5th July, 2020

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Man breathing

Breathing, the universal ebb and flow

Everything breathes- trees, oceans, even stones… The earth is alive and it breathes; the stars too. Yes, they breathe in and out and the influence of their respiration is felt even here on earth….

Respiration can reveal great mysteries to you, but only when you accompany it with some mental work. As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very limits of the universe and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your Self, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again  you expand and again you contract… In this way you will discover the movement of the ebb and flow which is th key to all the rhythms of the universe. When you become conscious of this movement within your own being, you enter into the harmony of the cosmos and establish a relationship of exchange between yourself and the universe for, as you breathe in, you inhale elements from space and , as you breathe out, you send out into space something of your own heart and soul.

Those who know how to harmonize themselves with the respiration of the cosmos enter into the sphere of divine consciousness. But so many of you are still a long way from understanding the spiritual dimension of respiration! If you were sensitive to that dimension, you would spend your lives working to breathe in the strength and light of God and breathe out that light again to the whole world. For to breathe out is also this: to distribute the light  of God that  you have drawn into yourself.

To breathe in and out… in and out… There is a link between respiration and every manifestation of the spiritual life. Meditation is respiration; prayer is respiration; ecstasy is respiration; every form of communication with heaven is respiration and your breathing reveals the intensity of that exchange.  When you are in communion with heaven you breathe deeply as though you were embracing your loved one.’

The spiritual exercises you are given here will strengthen you and enable you to contend with your problems. What counts is the intensity and concentration that you bring to them. The master Peter Deunov used to say, ‘When you pray, focus your thoughts exclusively on the subject of your prayer and take a deep, slow breath.’ Prayer is more effective when it is accompanied by peaceful, rhythmic breathing.

Guided Breathing Exercise

Put all your thoughts and worries to one side and focus your mind on the light that fills the whole universe, the source of all blessings. You can picture a gigantic sun, radiating light in all directions.

Slowly and deeply, breathe in light. As you breathe in, imagine you are drawing light and life into your whole being. For a few seconds, hold each breath, in conscious gratitude for all that it brings you. As you breathe out, imagine you are radiating light into all the cells of your being.

Continue to breathe in and out, concentrating on light, as though everything, even your very life, depends on it. Now imagine that with every out- breath, you radiate light all around you. Allow yourself to rest in light, to melt into light, to soak yourself in light. Bathe in a vibrant, throbbing, quivering ocean of peace, happiness and joy. Finally, imagine the whole universe is bathed in light.

As you end this meditation, say quietly to yourself, 3 times: May all beings live in light, peace and happiness.

This is the text of the Youtube video, Breathing, the universal ebb and flow which can be found on the front page of this website.

To view on Youtube

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whirlpool by rock

The whirlpool- how to set the world in motion

You are standing on the seashore creating a little whirlpool as you twirl a stick round and round in the water: gradually twigs, scraps of paper and bits of cork begin to spin in the current. If you persevere, there will soon be small boats then big ships and finally the whole world will be caught up in the movement. The etheric ocean in which we are immersed is like this liquid ocean, and by means of our thoughts, we are able to set the whole world in motion – provided that we never stop. But as we do not practise, and above all, as we do not persevere, nothing happens.
As long as you fail to understand the few rules on which the spiritual life is based, you cannot become a conductor for the divine world, a worker in the vineyards of the Lord. You must keep stirring until all the particles are caught up and moving together towards the accomplishment of the luminous work you have undertaken – not only on yourself but on all the creatures of the earth, and further still throughout the cosmos. 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 12th February 2022

The brave heart of a snowdrop

What’s wrong with modern societies?

Many people think that it does not matter whether or not you believe in God; what matters is to work for the good of society. Well they are wrong, for a society with no God inevitably degenerates after a while. If it has no centre, no sublime core around which to revolve, its members soon cease to be perfect social creatures, and greed, prejudice, and injustice creep in and corrupt. Every society that has not been solidly attached to a firm central axis has ended by being overcome and destroyed by the negative forces.

When a society lives in the awareness of a higher world, it is permeated by such powerful forces that all negative elements are swept away and it is possible to establish just laws that contribute to the welfare of all its citizens. But as soon as this spiritual intensity wanes, negative forces begin to stir and, finding themselves unopposed, invade every aspect of life. If so many evils exist on earth today, it is because human beings have allowed the consciousness of the Divine to fade within themselves and from society.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations, 5th February, 2020

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Daily Meditation- New Year’s Day

Be careful how you spend the first day of the New Year, because this first day is as important for the rest of the year as the time of birth is for the rest of your life. The life of every human being is marked by the planetary influences at work at the time of their birth; the whole course of each life is contained in seed form from the beginning, which explains why horoscopes exist.
On a smaller scale, the first day of a year bears within it the seed of the days to come. This is why you must take care to live in light, love and harmony on this first day. Throughout the day, through prayer, meditation, songs, good thoughts and good feelings, try to inscribe imprints of light that will have a positive influence on all the days of this year.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 1st January, 2022

Long extract for the New Year

The earth in space with sun star

“My Father works, and I work also”

“Jesus said, ‘My Father works, and I work also.’ Even among Initiates, very few people can make such a statement. All most humans can say is ‘I do what I can’ or ‘It’s a struggle’ or ‘I wrack my brains’ or ‘I try but I never succeed’. Only those who have managed to raise themselves up to the divine Spirit to be impregnated by Him have earned the right to say, ‘I work’.
‘My Father works, and I also work’ – in two thousand years, we have not yet plumbed the deeper meaning of these words. They have just remained there, useless and devoid of meaning to us. We never even wonder what God’s work is, or how He works, or why Jesus was involved in this work. The work of Christ is to purify, harmonize and illuminate all things; to make all things converge towards the divine Source, so that the water from that Source may spill over, and bring life to the earth and all its creatures.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditation for 30th December, 2020

I found this in my old copies of the Daily Meditations this morning. What a wonderful thought it is from the master for the coming year! To make all things converge towards the divine Source, that which the master also referred to as the spring of love and life. Here is another passage which I think adds to the meaning of the first -how to become a beneficial presence in the world by working with love: (SJJ)

“Let the spring of love flow within you. Through your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, your words, let it gush forth over all the creatures and objects around you and beyond, on the trees, the mountains, the oceans. Even if you are by yourself, remember to utter words of peace, of hope and of joy for all human beings on earth, knowing that these words will have an effect somewhere, no matter where.

You do not yet know what it is possible to achieve with love.
And since we can only give to others what we possess ourselves, try first to establish harmony and light within you, and then, once you feel you have succeeded in making this harmony and light real within you, in your heart and your soul, project them into space. This is what working with love is all about: becoming a beneficial presence for the entire world.”

The video Love is a Spring has a soundtrack of running water accompanying some words from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov expressing his love for mountain springs-

Video -Love is a spring

The spring of life

The New Year

The Cabbalah teaches that each day is a living, sentient being which bears the record of all our physical and psychic acts. You might say that the 365 days of the year are like a magnetic tape on which each day, with all that it has brought of good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, is recorded. Each separate year of our lives is like a separate tape recording. The New Year is new and yet, at the same time, it is already old, aged by all that each one of us has already gone through in our lives. The new year is like the pure water of a mountain stream as it mingles with the stagnant waters of the lowlands; it is new and yet it is not altogether new because it is lived by human beings who are burdened by their past. This is why, although all is new, men and women never manage to live an entirely new life. The New Year is a spotless virgin, but who knows what shady resorts it will get into or what kind of company it will keep. The past, by which I mean all the states that human beings have known and all the events that have marked their lives, is recorded and engraved within them, and it takes a great deal of knowledge, patience and determination to erase these imprints and free yourself from the stereotypes of the past…   (continued)          Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  The New Year

Top photo: Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in his garden with a young child


I’ve been looking for passages to post on the New Year and found a lengthy extract from one of the master’s brochures on the site of Prosveta USA. The link to their site is at the bottom of this post if you would like to read it all- it is really thought-provoking. I found the text very motivating in the sense that it made me reflect on what sort of a ‘clear out’ I need to do in order to make as fresh a start as possible to the New Year and also encouraged me to think about what I want to ‘plant’ for future realization.

Here is a bit more, anyway:

The year that we call “new” is old from the very beginning because the human beings it encounters are old in their way of thinking and feeling and all their habits. They have never thought to wash out their vessels, jugs or saucepans, before filling them with the pure waters of The New Year. And yet, isn’t this the first thing we learn in our own kitchens: before pouring clean water into a container, we have to wash it and sometimes even to scour it thoroughly, otherwise the clean water will be dirtied by the container – even a child knows that! But when it comes to filling their hearts and souls and minds with pure water, people never think of cleansing themselves first. Although they apply this lesson every day in their kitchens, when it comes to their own inner lives it is as though they had never known it; they forget that they have to apply the same rules to themselves and discard all that is soiled and grimy and retain only what is pure. Innumerable details in our daily lives can help us to understand this truth: in our houses, for instance, we treasure paintings, beautiful furniture or valuable jewelry for years, sometimes for centuries, but we soon get rid of things that have no value; or again, we keep cut flowers in a vase for three or four days, but then we have to throw them away and get fresh ones. And yet people think they can keep all kinds of old, dirty, rotting things within themselves!


Yes, we must understand the new year better; we must go out to meet it in the deep conviction that it is a highly gifted living being and that it brings us valuable presents; we must learn to prepare a lot of space within ourselves so as to be able to receive this abundance of gifts; we must continually sweep out all the old junk that litters our hearts and minds, and make room for the new year even before it comes.

The Cabbalah also tells us that The New Year is influenced by the stars. The birth of a new year is like the birth of a child: it is the beginning of a life that will last just twelve months. When a child is born, one can draw up a horoscope based on the date and time of birth and thus foresee the principal events of the child’s life. And we can do the same for the birth of a new year; in fact you should know that the first day of the year determines the first month, the second day – the second month, the third day – the third month and so on. So you must try to live, think, feel and behave as well as possible, at least during the first twelve days, so as to ensure an intelligent, luminous start to the year and thus influence and determine it favorably.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       The New Year

You can find the full extract on The FBU USA

Happy New Year! Susan

A long extract from ‘The New Year’

Today I would like to say a few words to you about the teaching handed down in the esoteric tradition concerning the first day of the New Year. And as the only kind of knowledge that really interests me is that which can be immediately useful, you can apply what I shall tell you to your own everyday lives.

Most people celebrate New Year’s Day in night clubs, bars and dance-halls. They express their joy at the coming of the New Year by having parties and amusing themselves and indulging in all kinds of follies. And then they fritter away the rest of the year in unconsciousness and futility and, as unconsciousness always leads to tribulations, it is not long before the tribulations begin! It is quite senseless to start off the New Year in this way; it shows that they who do so have no inkling of the spiritual and magical aspect of things. But this is the aspect which interests me.

The Cabbalah teaches that each day is a living, sentient being which bears the record of all our physical and psychic acts. You might say that the 365 days of the year are like a magnetic tape on which each day, with all that it has brought of good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, is recorded. Each separate year of our lives is like a separate tape recording.

The New Year is new and yet, at the same time, it is already old, aged by all that each one of us has already gone through in our lives. The new year is like the pure water of a mountain stream as it mingles with the stagnant waters of the lowlands; it is new and yet it is not altogether new because it is lived by men who are burdened by their past. This is why, although all is new, men never manage to live an entirely new life. The New Year is a spotless virgin, but who knows what shady resorts it will get into or what kind of company it will keep. The past, by which I mean all the states a man has known and all the events that have marked his life, is recorded and engraved within him, and it takes a great deal of knowledge, patience and determination to erase these imprints and free oneself from the stereotypes of the past: it is an extremely difficult task.

But when I talk of the past I am not talking only of the past of this incarnation, of the days and years we have lived in our present lives. I am also talking of other, previous incarnations, for we bear with us the traces of both our immediate and our distant pasts. Only the Initiates know how to cleanse themselves of the stains of the past; other men do not even realize that there is work to be done in order to save the ever-new present from contamination by all that is old, worn-out and moldy. The question, you see, is not quite as simple as it would seem at first sight!

Unfortunately, most people have no idea that there is anything here to study, understand and transform: they look forward to each new year in the fond hope that it will, at last, see the fulfillment of all their dearest wishes: the winning ticket in the sweepstakes, marriage with Prince Charming, a fabulous legacy from their grandmother or their rich uncle in America! Others spend their days and nights looking for buried treasure in caves or at the bottom of the sea. People always want to live in an illusory world. They think, “The new year will bring this, that or the other….” And then they sit and wait. But the year passes just like all the others – and sometimes worse than the others. They sow no seed and then they expect something to grow! No, nothing has ever grown in these conditions. If you sow some seed you have the right to look forward to harvesting the fruit, but not otherwise.

Have you worked? Have you ploughed your soil, the soil of your own being? Have you sown and planted something within yourself? If so, then you can look forward to joy, happiness and peace in the New Year; in fact even if you are not expecting them they will come. But if you have never planted anything and, in spite of that, you entertain high hopes – well, they are hopeless hopes, I can tell you, for they have no foundation in natural law.

The New Year is not completely separate from the old; the relationship may not be direct but it is always there, at least indirectly. The New Year, just because it is new, seems to be as pure and unspoiled as a newborn baby who is always considered so pure and innocent. Yes, it seems like that on the surface, but even a newborn baby has ties to its parents, grandparents and great grandparents, to society and to the spirit of the age. It bears with it the imprints of its past lives and, in one way or another, all that will eventually come to the surface. The New Year is a virgin, pure and innocent; it is cut out of immaculate white cloth, but as soon as it makes contact with man, its whiteness becomes tinged with colour, just as the pure, crystal-clear rain from heaven is coloured by the soil through which it flows when it reaches the earth.

The year that we call “new”, therefore, is old from the very beginning because the human beings it encounters are old in their way of thinking and feeling and all their habits. They have never thought to wash out their vessels, jugs or saucepans, before filling them with the pure waters of The New Year. And yet, isn’t this the first thing we learn in our own kitchens: before pouring clean water into a container, we have to wash it and sometimes even to scour it thoroughly, otherwise the clean water will be dirtied by the container – even a child knows that! But when it comes to filling their hearts and souls and minds with pure water, men never think of cleansing themselves first.

Although they apply this lesson every day in their kitchens, when it comes to their own inner lives it is as though they had never known it; they forget that they have to apply the same rules to themselves and discard all that is soiled and grimy and retain only what is pure. Innumerable details in our daily lives can help us to understand this truth: in our houses, for instance, we treasure paintings, beautiful furniture or valuable jewelry for years, sometimes for centuries, but we soon get rid of things that have no value; or again, we keep cut flowers in a vase for three or four days, but then we have to throw them away and get fresh ones. And yet men think they can keep all kinds of old, dirty, rotting things within themselves!

Yes, we must understand the new year better; we must go out to meet it in the deep conviction that it is a highly gifted living being and that it brings us valuable presents; we must learn to prepare a lot of space within ourselves so as to be able to receive this abundance of gifts; we must continually sweep out all the old junk that litters our hearts and minds, and make room for the new year even before it comes.

The Cabbalah also tells us that The New Year is influenced by the stars. The birth of a new year is like the birth of a child: it is the beginning of a life that will last just twelve months. When a child is born, one can draw up a horoscope based on the date and time of birth and thus foresee the principal events of the child’s life. And we can do the same for the birth of a new year; in fact you should know that the first day of the year determines the first month, the second day – the second month, the third day – the third month and so on. So you must try to live, think, feel and behave as well as possible, at least during the first twelve days, so as to ensure an intelligent, luminous start to the year and thus influence and determine it favorably.

Some of you may say….”I did my best during the first twelve days, but the rest of the year wasn’t at all good!” That is because you allowed it to be influenced by the old things of the past. You have to clean, sweep, wash and purify everything in you. But no one does it. No one even thinks of doing it. Of course, it is impossible to clean everything all in one day; the weight of the past still influences us and the New Year will always be mingled with the old. You would have to be a divinity to improve things one hundred percent. To improve the situation by twenty, thirty or fifty percent would already be quite an achievement for a disciple!

If you want to draw up the horoscope of what the year holds for you, you should not base your calculations on the date at midnight. In spite of the differences of longitude and latitude, this would give you a collective horoscope for the whole of mankind which would not correspond to the events which may arise in the life of a particular individual. Of course, one could compare this collective horoscope with one’s own birth-chart so as to foresee or explain events, but if you want to establish a horoscope for someone in particular, you should base your calculations on them the moment when he begins to manifest himself. This is the time of birth on the first day of the year. If someone wakes up at eleven in the morning, then you must draw up his horoscope for eleven o’clock, for that is when he begins to get up and shout at his wife “where are my socks? Where’s my clean shirt? What have you done with my cuff links?” (Oh, those cuff links: they are always lost!) Yes, a man’s life is determined by the way in which he begins his first day of the year when he wakes up.

For us, as a community, our year begins as we gather to pray and sing together, and for the rest of the day you must put a guard on your thoughts and, above all, on your words: if your tongue is just itching to say something it shouldn’t, go into a corner by yourself, say a few words to relieve the itch and then go back and join the others with a smile on your face! Tomorrow you will have to continue to be careful so as to prepare good conditions for the second month, and so on. To be sure, even if you are very careful, the year will not necessarily be absolutely faultless, for as I have said, the present is linked to the past, and the past includes not only all one’s previous years but all one’s previous lives as well. If you owe someone money, for instance, he is liable to come and ask you for it on the first day of the year; he will not wait for the year to go by – he might well come today. And if you have enemies on the astral plane they will not necessarily wait until after the First of January to come and torment you.

How can you get rid of these inner enemies? The question is of great importance; you must know that man does have inner enemies, in fact they are the worst kind. But even if you are not wholly successful, at least you will find what I have told you useful because it will enable you to improve your situation, and, above all, to prevent it from getting any worse. So let us stand now and begin our prayers as usual. In this way we shall be inscribing this first day of 1963 in the Akashic Records by living it in pray, adoration, love and song. “May the merciful and compassionate Lord look with favor on the Brotherhood, May He allow it to grow and flourish and project lights into the whole world so that His Kingdom may come as soon as possible on earth, and peace and harmony reign, at last, amongst men!”

Even if most people are too absorbed in their work or too busy amusing themselves in night clubs to think or wish or ask for the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth, let there be at least a few who clamor for it!

So, let this be your work in the year ahead: start by fixing your sights on that ideal, that sublime goal: the Kingdom of God and His Justice on Earth. Secondly, be conscious and attentive and watch yourself to see whether you are coming closer or moving away from your ideal. And finally, a third point which is implicit in the others: devote all your energies and strength and all your capacities to accomplishing this task. In this way, your Will, Heart and Mind will all pull together in the same direction: the Mind remains perceptive, enlightened, attentive, watchful and lucid; the Heart feeds your high ideal, it longs for it and loves it and is constantly in touch with it. And the Will works to serve both the Heart which is yearning for the highest good and the Mind which acts as guide, advisor and instructor to guard, enlighten and steer a straight course. In these conditions, whatever obstacles and difficulties are strewn along the way, the spirit of man will always triumph; sooner or later it will be victorious, for these three primordial faculties have extremely powerful resources available to them of which we know nothing.

If you are not getting the results you hoped for it is because you have not yet fully committed these three faculties; you have not yet yoked them together in harmony. Each one works, but each works for its own interests, unrelated to and out of step with the others. The Intellect has, perhaps, understood how glorious it is to climb to the heights and reach the peaks, to melt into one with its Creator, but the Heart, in the meantime, has its own preferences and they may lead in a totally different direction. In this case you must try to bring your Heart into line and guide it in the right direction. It is possible to persuade your Heart to desire that which your Intellect sees to be right, wise and useful, and it is possible, also, to induce your Will to act in order to achieve it. But most people do not even realize that these contradictions, these inner rifts and conflicts exist or, if they do, they think that they are inevitable and have no idea what causes them. They have no guide to advise them and tell them how to unify their three powers: Intellect, Heart and Will, and steer them all in the same direction.

In point of fact, man is capable of overcoming all his inner conflicts and divisions if he has a divine ideal and clings to it come what may. If he nourishes and cherishes a sublime ideal, it will incarnate and materialize within him and take possession of him until it fills his whole being and he becomes his ideal. People without an ideal fritter away their energies and waste their lives.

The sad thing is that this formidable alliance, this undivided union of Heart, Mind and Will in pursuit of an ideal is found most frequently in criminals. Without realizing it they succeed, like the Initiates, in combining these three faculties, the difference being that their goal is to kill, steal and destroy. And between these two classes of men (criminals and Initiates), there is the multitude of those who have no fixed goal, in whom the three faculties are divided or at war with each other.

In St. John’s Revelation, we read “I could wish you were cold or hot. So, then, because you are luke warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” Behind these words lies a profound science. “I could wish you were cold or hot” means that one must be for good or for evil but not indifferent, undecided; it means that our Intellect, Heart and Will must combine to achieve something, no matter what, together. Heaven has no love for criminals, but at least they are strong, determined and capable, and Heaven values these qualities. So even if their present actions are evil, Heavenly entities keep an eye on them and plan to catch them unaware one day! They think to themselves, “One little spoke in your wheel, my lads, and before you know it you will be heading the other way! Your long experience in working with the combined forces of your Hearts, Wills and Minds means that you will be valuable workers for us’. All the ardor, all the assertiveness and determination, all the strength of Will that criminals use to steal, destroy and kill, will, one day, be at the service of good.

Whereas the feeble ones who can never make up their minds may not actually do evil, perhaps, but they are equally incapable of doing good, and the Heavenly entities scratch their heads in perplexity, wondering what on earth they can use them for. Their inner faculties are in a state of disarray; they have no strong convictions; they are easily influenced – so easily, in fact, that they can often be recruited by the Black Lodge! People like this are dangerous, therefore, and that is why they will be spewed out, that is to say, rejected.

If some people never achieve anything worthwhile, either in their inner self or in the world around them, it is because their faculties of Mind, Heart and Will are disunited. What happens in a family when the father pursues one goal, the mother another and the children all go their separate ways, each with their own goals? The family falls apart, of course, and that is exactly what happens to man’s inner family: the father – the Intellect, has his own pet hobby; the mother has hers and it is not the same as the father’s and the children, that is…the Will, are left rudderless and are always getting into mischief.

You are here, in an Initiatic school, in order to learn quantities of truths which are new to you and which will enable you to straighten out your lives, to renew and organize them and set them on a path towards a heavenly goal. Try it! Restore order within yourselves; yoke the forces of your Intellect, Heart and Will together and steer them towards one goal: the accomplishment of the Will of God. You will soon see how your life changes. To be sure, you will not be immune to the buffeting of strong winds and earth tremors: as long as you are on earth you are bound to experience some unpleasant shocks, but they will pass far more quickly than before and will not leave the same scars behind them. Your houses will stand firm because they will be built of more resilient materials, whereas previously, they were liable to crumble at the greatest shock.

I am not going to make you all kinds of spectacular promises; I am not saying that if you enter into this Teaching you will receive wealth and fame and become the friend of princes. The only thing I am saying is that if you succeed in aiming your Intellect, Heart and Will towards one and the same goal, a change will take place in your consciousness. To begin with, the change will be so small as to be invisible but it will contain all Heaven and earth. Remember what Jesus said about the mustard seed, “which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” So it is not the size of the seed that counts but its vigor. You can think of the mustard seed as a thought or a feeling: to begin with it is imperceptible, but if it is intense and if it is given favorable conditions, it has the potential to produce fantastic results. “The birds of the air come and nest in its branches” said Jesus, and the “birds” are the spirits of the Invisible World who will come to you and even make their dwelling within you.

I am not making you any great promises, therefore, I am simply saying that if you understand me aright, if you give a loving welcome to the tiny promise I have made today, if you tend it and nourish it with care, it will grow into a great tree in which even the angels will take shelter. The seed I am sowing in you today is the idea that you must unify your three faculties: Intellect, Heart and Will, and direct them all towards the same goal, for this is the only way to achieve anything worthwhile. As these faculties are all of divine origin, they all contain untold treasures, and as soon as their forces are combined and set on the path to Heaven there is a constant flow of communication between them and Heaven. When the Intellect is rooted in the soil of Heaven, the Light which illuminates it becomes brighter still and it receives a ceaseless flow of inspirations and revelations. When the heart remains closely bound to its roots in Heaven, it slakes its thirst on love and the elixir of everlasting life; it lives in a constant state of wonder and ecstasy and becomes as vast as the Universe itself. And the Will, when it is kept fit and takes a lot of exercise, becomes so powerful that it overcomes all obstacles: when the Will is one with Heaven, it can become as powerful as God himself.

The saying goes that strength lies in unity but so far this has been understood only in the social, political or military spheres: men united to destroy their enemies or to build, but it was always an external union. From now on unity must apply to the internal sphere. We must be united by our ideal, by a Divine idea, by our brotherly love; we must be united in the work we are doing for the coming of the Kingdom of God. If this is what unites us, then….Yes, in that kind of unity lies the most formidable strength. External unity is not bad but it is insufficient. People join forces for a time and then their association is dissolved again and they all go their separate ways. But the union I am talking about, the union which makes for true strength, lasts eternally. When you join forces with the angels, with Heaven and with your own higher Self, it is not for a day or two, or even for a few years; you don’t embark on this kind of union in order to reach a short-term goal after which you fall back into ignorance and darkness. No, this union is forever, it is eternal. It is very important that you understand this.

Today is the first day of the year and for these first twelve days, at least, you must be on your guard and watch your words, feelings and acts and see that they are always in harmony with the Kingdom of God and Universal Brotherhood. To be sure, this is very difficult because all kinds of unforeseen circumstances and events arise, but if your conscience is on the alert to adjust your aim and remedy any little thing that goes wrong, then you will accomplish a glorious, Divine work. It is quite possible that you may be tempted and put to the test, that during these twelve days some very inferior entities may try to seduce you. This is something you have to expect: I cannot promise you that it will all be easy either for you or for me, but at least, if we are together, strongly united, we can all help each other. It is the bond that unites us which is important and, above all, the bond that unites our Heart, Intellect and Will within us.

One day when you are given the opportunity to look back over the events of your past, you will be obliged to recognize that the most important and precious moments of your life were those spent with the Brotherhood in meditation, song and prayer. At present you cannot see that, you don’t know it, but one day you will see things more clearly and then you will understand the magnitude of the work we are doing together, and exclaim “The Lord be blessed and praised for permitting me to have a share in such glorious work!” When you are shown the results of this work and all the marvels that it has accomplished throughout the world, you will be dazzled and amazed, for the work I am asking you to take part in has already been initiated on high by the Angels and Divinities, and our part is simply to open a few little doors here, on Earth, so that their Divine work may also bear fruit on the physical plane.

I can see that you are longing for me to tell you more! Aren’t you tired already? It is extraordinary: we’ve been together for about ten hours since this morning. You are becoming tireless!

Nowadays there are more and more people who are always tired. Why is this? Because their bodies are overloaded with impurities that they have accumulated through their food and drink and the polluted air, but also because of the unclean thoughts and feelings they indulge in. It is extremely important to understand the importance of purity on all the different planes. If a man succeeds in introducing purity into every one of his cells he becomes absolutely tireless; he becomes immortal! Yes, death recoils from him; it has no hold on one who is absolutely pure. This explains how certain human beings in the past lived for hundreds of years. You will probably think that this is not possible, but it is: the human body is built to last for thousands of years and if, in our day, men do not live long it is due to the way in which they live.

Certain folk traditions speak of three goddesses who presided over human destinies and who gathered round a child as it was born. In Greek mythology there are the Moirai or Fates; in other countries they are fairies, and it was they who decided how long a child would live and what his weak points and his strengths would be. In reality, of course, fairies do not exist and our fate is determined by the good or evil we have done in our past incarnations. You will ask, “How is it determined?” It is done automatically. Yes, there are automatic slot machines: depending on the lives he has lived in the past, a person has to be born into a particular family in a particular time and place, and all this has to correspond exactly to what it is he has to achieve in this incarnation. Everything is put in place automatically so that he shall be in a position to fulfill his destiny. If you go to a food shop and buy fruit, cheese and sugar, a machine calculates how much you owe. If you put a coin into a vending machine, out tumbles a sandwich, or some sweets or some postage stamps! If human beings are clever enough to invent automatic vending machines don’t you think the Invisible World is perfectly capable of doing so too? Up there everything is filed, classified and highly organized: no one needs to bother their heads about it.

So we need no Fates or fairies to decide our destinies for us. This was simply the colorful means the Initiates of the past used to bring home to people the fact that everything was already determined when they were born. Yes, this is the all-important truth: everything in our lives is determined by our previous lives. How is this done? Within each one of us is a computer which keeps everything we do in memory: whether our lives are good or evil, whether we respect or transgress the laws of God, and so on. Yes, there are machines to take care of all that, and when the time comes for someone to be classified, his computer simply indicates a name and according to that name he is set on his own particular course.

Nature has placed these computers inside each one of us: they record all we do, analyze and sum it all up and draw their conclusions about us. And this is how we are determined: by ourselves. No one else has the right to determine our fate; otherwise there would be room for prejudice and injustice. The way of absolute justice is to be judged by oneself, that is, by what we are inwardly, for we are the only ones who know all the details of our motives and intentions. No one else can ever know it all. So, be sure of this: it is you yourself who will be your own judge one day. The Lord has equipped you so perfectly with all you need that there is no danger of your making a mistake.

When astronomers and mathematicians have some extremely complicated mathematical problem to solve which would take them days and weeks, they feed all their data into a computer and the answer comes back to them in a few seconds. And for man the same pattern applies: all the elements of his problem are entered into the computer and when it has completed its calculations it displays a name which sums up exactly what that man is and automatically determines the conditions of his next incarnation. Now, when I use the expression automatically, I am not saying that all this happens without the intervention of Consciousness or Intelligence. In the Invisible World even the computers are conscious, but in the World Above everything is conscious because everything is alive.

Everything in nature is a receiver or transmitter: all the rocks, stones and sand – if you only knew all the recordings contained in a single grain of sand! Man does not yet know how to decipher all these messages hidden in the stones of the Earth, but the day will come when he will be able to pick up a stone from Egypt, India or even Atlantis (he will have to go and get that one from the bottom of the ocean) and get it to reveal the story of all that it has witnessed throughout the ages. In our day, there is already talk of tuning in to the sounds emitted by the sun and the stars, for the stars and planets all emit sounds, and this is why the Initiates said everything in nature was music that the whole of creation sang. But it is the rocks and stones that can provide most information, because all the rest has disappeared: the plants, animals and men of the past, with all that they had discovered, have all gone; only the rocks and metals remain to bear witness to the history of the world. This is what true archeology should be: to decipher these documents of Nature by tuning in to the sound-waves they produce.

If you play a magnetic tape recording of a symphony on your tape recorder, you will hear the music; but where is the music on that tape? You can weigh it, measure it and examine it under the microscope but you will find no music! It is all contained in the magnetic imprint. And the messages contained in Man are recorded in exactly the same way. This is something you must know, for when you know this you will be obliged to be careful about what you do and to keep improving. Most people think that they can do wrong without anybody being any the wiser, and it is this conviction that they can hide the evil they do from others that prevents them from evolving and improving. To be sure, one can conceal a great many things from other people; but one cannot conceal anything from oneself! Whatever one does or says or thinks, one is always there to witness it. Nature, you know, is extremely clever, and she has placed miniature cameras and recorders in man without his knowing it. The day he realizes that there is no way he can cheat he will become honest – finally and irrevocably honest!

In the past the Initiates could not reveal all this to men, so they used to say, for instance, that the eye of God was always upon us and saw everything we did. The truth is that God has far better things to do than to watch all the crimes and abominations committed on earth. If He had to watch all that He would indeed be the unhappiest of beings! God does not see all that because He does not want to see it. You will perhaps object…..”But doesn’t that mean that God doesn’t know everything?” No, God does, certainly, know everything; but He does not have to watch all that goes on. When He wants to know something He knows it, when He wants to rest, He stops watching and takes the telephone off the hook! If he didn’t do that, can’t you imagine how He would be besieged every day? “Lord, give me money! Lord, get rid of my enemy for me!” and even, “Lord, get rid of my enemy for me! And even, “Lord, make my husband die so that I can marry my Lover!” Yes, that is why – He told me this, one day, in strict confidence – when He wants a little peace he takes his telephone off the hook. You will object that this is in direct contradiction with everything that the Bible tells us about God. Not at all; what is in the Bible is often symbolic,, metaphorical, and we need the Light of Initiation in order to understand the depth of wisdom and science contained in these symbols.

Actually, creation is far better organized than one imagines. God leaves the task of automatically recording everything that happens to all the computers and recorders He has placed throughout Nature. Do you really believe that it is God Himself who watches all our misdeeds, day and night, and notes them all down in a little notebook? And what happens when He has to look for His penknife and sharpen His pencil? Think of all the things He misses and that don’t get written down. No, no! All that is childish nonsense! For an Initiate, God is a Spirit; He is everywhere, but He does not want to see everything because He has commissioned others to see this for Him. When He does want to know anything it is very easy. When the managing director of a business wants information about one of his employees he asks his secretary to look up the man’s personal file, and there he has the information he needs at once. Why should the Lord waste His time watching and making a note of all our crimes? Don’t imagine that; it would be a purely honorific function. What do you think He created all those Angels and Archangels for? So that they would do nothing and leave all the work to Him? No, no. That’s not possible!

It is no longer possible to persuade human beings to live better lives by telling them that God is watching them and will punish them for their crimes. Most people nowadays can think for themselves and they would say, “Don’t be ridiculous; He’s not going to waste His time watching what I do!” and they would just go on committing crimes. But if you tell them that it is all being filmed and recorded inside themselves, and that one day they will be judged on the strength of those recordings then, of course, it becomes a very different matter.

All this that I have been revealing to you today is one of the most important lessons of Initiatic Science. When you know these things you have the magic power to re-create your life and transform your future. If you look into your own archives and see that, in the past, you and lied and calumniated others, that you have been selfish and vicious and that it has all been recorded, you can immediately try to record other, good, noble and luminous things on top of old recordings, and in this way you become creators of your own destiny.

You are perhaps wondering what the recorders we have inside us are like. They are microscopic reels, single atoms. You will say that it is impossible to record everything on one little atom. I don’t agree: don’t you remember how enormous the first radios were? And nowadays they are being made smaller and smaller, the electrical circuits are simply drawn in metallic paint and the current flows along these fine lines. The miniaturization of these appliances is developing so fast that one day, no doubt, we shall have pocket television sets. Well, Nature has outstripped human beings: the spools of her tape recorders are so small that they can all fit into an atom. When a man dies he shows this atom to his judges who project the film of his entire life on a screen. The terrible thing is that the person has to remain there, seated amongst his impassive judges, and watch the whole film, and he sees quantities of things he had forgotten all about.

There are books, like the Egyptian Book of the Dead for example, which tell how a soul comes before the Judges of Hell to hear them pronounce sentence on him. In point of fact the judges do not utter a word, they are completely silent. So who pronounces a man’s sentence? He himself. It is his own judgment that condemns or vindicates him. And he who has lived a truly perfect life simply comes before his judges, saying, “I am pure, I am pure, I am pure with the purity of the Phoenix of Heliopolis.” He is unafraid, he can simply look at them and say, “I am pure” because he has judged himself long since. But others who do not know what they are and have forgotten everything, have to witness the unfolding of their life-story, and in it they find their judgment. Believe me: all this is the unadulterated truth. In any case, one day you will get to know the reality of these impartial observers, these judges who dwell within you. If I have talked to you about them today it is because it is the New Year and I want to remind you to record only positive, luminous thoughts, feelings and actions. Now, at the end of this day together, you are like bees, laden with nectar and you are going to make the most delicious honey out of that nectar for the nourishment and enjoyment of spiritual entities from on high. Yes, all those who know how to make honey for the Lord are bees. And we need bees; they are the only ones who know the rules of the new society, the new Brotherhood. Bees can teach us a great deal. Disciples who work for the Universal White Brotherhood becomes bees and prepare their honey in harmony and purity. A very happy year of Light to you all, my dear brothers and sisters!

 Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Sevres, Paris, January 1, 1963

Two thoughts for New Year’s Eve

Write down on a piece of paper the things you most wish for in the way of your spiritual development, for the good of your friends, and for the whole world, and entrust them to the Angel of Fire. Fire is the messenger of the invisible world, and as soon as these papers are burned, entities on high start to take note of them and study them to see how they can grant your wishes. Of course, you must not expect immediate results, but if you are patient, if you continue to work towards the goals you have expressed, one day you will see your prayers answered. For when fire is involved, there are always results.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 29th December 2020

If humans do not know how to act today, what future do they think they can expect? While hoping it will be better, in truth they are worried: what to do to be safe from need, from danger? For it is true that the future is always uncertain. It is therefore pointless to waste time and energy worrying about all the accidents that might happen and the ways of protecting ourselves. Whatever the events, the only way to find solutions for the future is to do the best job we can today.

The present can therefore be defined as the means of remedying the mistakes of the past and of creating the future. People who always postpone the efforts to be made, never know the future, they stagnate in an endless past. As long as the present remains the same as the past, the future can only be an extension, an amplification of the past. For those who are lazy and neglectful, the past lingers on, whereas for those who are conscious and active, the present works on the past and prepares a future of light and joy.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 30th December 2019