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Bench overlooking lake with trees

Breathe in Prana – respiration in the open air

We should ideally do our morning gymnastic and breathing exercises every day in nature so as to benefit from the purest air possible, since it’s from the air that we can harness this precious quintessence the Indian yogis called prana. Prana is life energy that exists everywhere, in the earth, in water, air and fire, but it is mainly carried by the sun’s rays, and is most abundant in the early morning. Each particle of this prana is like a drop of crystalline water, a tiny, suspended sphere of light filled with a spiritual essence. And we can capture some of these drops of light through our breathing.
By consciously passing the air through our nostrils, we set our subtle centres in motion and they work to extract the quintessence from the air. Once it has been captured, this quintessence circulates; it is like fire running through the network of nerves on either side of our spine. Just as blood circulates though veins, arteries and capillaries, prana circulates throughout our nervous system. Not only does our physical health depend on our nervous system, but so do the development of our spiritual faculties and the awakening of our chakras.

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Rhythmic breathing- the universal ebb and flow

A tree is a living being

You have a tree in your garden: you can pass it several times a day without paying it any attention, as if it were a piece of stage set made from plaster or cardboard. But you can also be conscious that it is a living being, and you can even approach it, greet it, talk to it, and absorb what it represents.
You may say, ‘Greet a tree, talk to it, what good can that do?’ Of course, physically and materially, this changes nothing. But, on the subtle planes, the tree is enriched by your presence and, at the same time, you are enriched by it. It is you, in fact, who gains the most: you enter into communication with the life that circulates from the roots all the way to the tips of its branches, and you also become acquainted with the invisible creatures who live in it and look after it. Yes, for there are beings who work to maintain life everywhere in nature.

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The Secret Life of Trees   (video)

Pentecost- new wine in new wineskins

If only people had an idea of what physiological, chemical and psychological improvements take place in the presence of a divine idea! Yet it is precisely this presence they push away from themselves and, if they continue to do so they will never find the same opportunities to transform themselves. One day they will regret having acted in this way and will say, “How true, I chased away the light so many times because I was afraid of the Spirit within me!” I have often noticed that people are much more afraid of the Spirit and sublime states of consciouness than they are of hell and all its devils, of suffering, disorder, and all those lower states of being.

In a way they have a point of view because somewhere within them they are aware that they are not new wineskins and so, instinctively, they are afraid of being unable to bear this new life, this new expnsion of their consciouness, and also they still feel the need to life life at a lower level. Those who fear the life of the Spirit do not really know why they fear it but feel, instinctively, that there is something to fear: they will have to give up their old habits. In reality, there is nothing more beautiful than to be able to grasp the spiritual currents of life, strength and joy which come daily to us, to receive this love whcih constantly transpierces our souls. If we block these currents because of weaknesses, our thoughts and our negative feelings, it shows that our wineskins are not ready to receive the new wine. We have old skins and we must change them. The cells of the body are constantly renewed. Each day old and sickly cells are replaced by new and healthy ones.

This process of renewal works in a seven year cycle during which all the molecules and atoms of our bodies are replaced by others. In that case, I hear you argue, the renewal is complete! Not so, because even if all our cells have been replaced, you must realize that each cell has a memory and so is able to transmit etheric imprints of old habits onto new cells. Thanks to these imprints, thoughts, feelings and energies circulate in these old, well-traced furrows… which explains why the new particles  inherit the meories of the old particles, and, despite the fact that seven years have rolled by, the cells still remain the same or, often, in a much worse condition.

If you are to achieve real self- transformation, you must change the memories of your cells. As fast as the new cells come in, you must impregnate them with new thoughts and with new feelings. Yes, if you are really conscious, you can renew the wineskins as fast as your pour in the new wine of a spiritual teaching. Otherwise, if you go on living in the same disorder and with the sme dangerous habits, fermentation will take place in the wine skins. For this reason, as we receive this spiritual teaching, we must at the same time transform the memory of our cells. This we do by consciously introducing new elements into ourselves, watching over the purity of the food, drink and air we take in and scutinizing all we absorb, both visible and invisible. Then, and then alone, we can receive a new philosophy and new spiritual currents without the slightest trace of fear,

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Meditation for Pentecost- The Mystic Bridegroom

Pentecost- the dove, the flame and the higher Self

The sun helps to maintain the link with the centre within.

When you look at the sun, the center of our solar system, try to find the center in you: your spirit – almighty, wise, omniscient, universal love – and draw nearer to it every day! While you remain disconnected from the center, you will be tossed around, at the mercy of the winds and storms that blow throughout the world.
Of course, you will tell me that your daily tasks force you to leave the center to go to your activities at the periphery. Yes, but moving away from the center, when necessary, does not mean cutting the connection with the center. On the contrary, the more activities we have in the world – the periphery – the stronger should be the link with the center, with the spirit. It is from this center that you receive the energy, light and peace you need to carry out these activities. And the sun helps you to maintain the link with the center within you.

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In the first light of dawn

The voice of flowers

We see roses everywhere, and we give them as gifts, but what is their true significance? Once they have been placed in a vase, we barely notice them or their fragrance when we pass them. However a rose becomes more alive if we look at it with an enlightened consciousness; a contact is established, and you sense that a splendid being lives in this flower and that it speaks to you.
Some will say that it is not possible, that we only read this kind of thing in fairy tales. They will never hear the voice of flowers. In fact there are different ways of hearing the voice of a flower! And if what I am telling you seems to have come from a fairy tale, know that these tales are not merely beautiful stories invented for children by people of great imagination. What is said in fairy tales has a profound reality which you will finally grasp when you open yourself to exchanges with all of nature.

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Love, Venus and Roses

Video: Sweet Scent of Roses

When the sun of spiritual love arrives

Love between human beings can often be compared to an old wood stove whose smoke is constantly blackening their inner being. In winter when this stove is in use, they keep the windows closed, there’s no air, they then doze off and lose their vitality. But then with spring, the sun of spiritual love arrives, and they open the windows very wide, pure air comes in and then they revive!
What lessons should we draw from these images? That we should keep some distance from this old wood stove – that is, from our instincts, from our lusts – for they keep the windows of our soul closed, they prevent air from coming in, they oppose what is most alive within us. And do not fear that a life modelled on moderation and reason will bore you to death. When you feel the gentle touch of divine wisdom and love, you will see for yourself that these passionate experiences that were so important to you before, will be no more than a little ash. Your inner home will become luminous and pure, and you will experience true joy.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Evolution towards flight

Dinosaurs were reptiles with four legs that lived on earth millions of years ago, and we now know that birds are the product of their evolution. Over time and with successive transformations, the front legs of these reptiles have become wings. Yes, as unbelievable as it may sound, dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. How to interpret this evolution? Perhaps among these reptiles there were some who were more enterprising, more daring, more curious who wanted to break free, fleeing the ground. Some others followed suit, while others, lazy and stubborn, have continued to crawl. Take this interpretation as you want. Now transpose this phenomenon into the world of humans. Over the course of history there have always been the daring ones who wanted to open new paths, explore new lands. Some followed them, others refused to move, but it is thanks to the bold that humanity progresses. So it is up to each of us to decide whether we will continue to crawl along the ground or if we want to make an effort and take to the air, like a bird, and be free.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

What an optimistic thought! Whether it takes hundreds, thousands or millions of years,  the dinosaurs that still live within us will eventually learn to fly!

Reading this meditation called to my mind the very last scene of Stephen Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. There is a moving scene from the helicopter where the scientists watch the flight of birds from their helicopter window after having narrowly escaped the dinosaurs. The music and the shots of the flying birds always really moves me. Here is the scene. Music is by John Williams SJJ

 Here is a related passage:

What is the relationship between the serpent and the dove? They represent the two opposing aspects of the same energy – sexual energy. The dove is none other than the serpent sublimated. It teaches us that anything that crawls on the earth may one day be able to take to the air and fly. The serpent represents primitive sexual power, and it is very wily! As is written in Genesis, ‘Now the serpent was more crafty than any other wild animal that the Lord God had made.’ It is impossible to count all the possible means that humans use to escape the serpent, but it presents and arranges things in such a way that, more often than not, it ends up gaining the upper hand. Someone will say, ‘There! I won’t succumb to temptation, I’ll resist…’ But, having failed to foresee the trap the serpent is able to prepare, at the moment they least expect it, they fall into it. And they will keep doing so until they succeed in transforming the serpent within into a dove, that is to say, in transforming human love into spiritual love, which will lift them away from the earth and allow them to know the freedom of infinite space.

Omrram Mikhael Aivanhov