Meditation for Easter Sunday- what is resurrection?

pink blossom on tree branch

What is resurrection? It is the expression of a current of life passing through regions where illness and death had begun to set in physically or psychically. There are so many natural phenomena that can give us an idea of this process! Images of resurrection include not only the sprouting seed but also the chick hatching from its egg, particular animals waking from hibernation, the chrysalis transforming into a butterfly… And what about trees? They too come back to life in spring: all those black, bare branches become covered in leaves and flowers! That is also a resurrection. And why …

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Video: The Spring Equinox- time to rejuvenate!

A lovely child with apple blossom

For the spiritually awakened, this period of the Spring Equinox is most important. We must use it as a time of purification, of regeneration. It is not enough to notice that the birds are singing, flowers are appearing above the ground and people are more cheerful than usual. There is important work to be done- the work of renewal. Can you see that a tremendous event is taking place all around you? Yes, you can feel that a new wave from the cosmic ocean is breaking and in a short while the whole earth will be newly arrayed with flowers, …

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Raphael and the healing energies of Spring

The four seasons are placed under the influence of four archangels: Raphael presides over spring, Uriel over summer, Michael over autumn and Gabriel over winter. When the spring equinox is near, all the spirits and forces of nature work under the leadership of Raphael to bring life back to every part of the universe. This renewal in nature is synonymous for humans with regeneration and therefore also with healing. On the Tree of Life, Raphael is the archangel of the sephirah Hod, the region where cabbalists placed the planet Mercury. Furthermore, the attribute of the god Mercury (Hermes in Greek …

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Love blossoms in purity and light- a video for Valentine’s day

Loving couple with view of the sea

With Valentine’s day approaching, I have published a Youtube short with some selected quotes from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on romantic love between couples. He talks about the hidden sources of love, the blessings that love is capable of bringing to our lives and the best ways to preserve it. The short quotes are published below the video. The music is from Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi. Love is inspired by something subtle and invisible. A special glance, a second of silence, a smile in which the soul is expressed is worth  more than any physical expression or gift.  Love bestows every blessing: …

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Video: A high ideal for heart, mind, soul and spirit

snow capped mountains with pine trees

In the Youtube short I am publishing today the master Omraam talks about the role a high ideal has in our spiritual life and how it can inspire and protect us. The high ideal referred to in the video was originally given by master Peter Deunov to his disciples in Bulgaria. It is now used by the students of both masters. The video text was taken from a Daily Meditation and can be found below the video. Try to remain silent; let silence penetrate your being. Then, your unfettered mind will become capable of the most luminous creations. It is …

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Breathing, the universal ebb and flow

Man breathing

Everything breathes- trees, oceans, even stones… The earth is alive and it breathes; the stars too. Yes, they breathe in and out and the influence of their respiration is felt even here on earth…. Respiration can reveal great mysteries to you, but only when you accompany it with some mental work. As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very limits of the universe and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your Self, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again  you expand and again you contract… …

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From dinosaur to bird- how to take flight

An eagle flying towards golden sun

In this text from the books of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, he talks about how birds can inspire us to overcome the anxieties that weigh us down. They know how to take flight when faced with danger. We can escape psychic dangers such as depression and anxiety by taking refuge in prayer meditation, music and other spiritual methods. The text is used in the video From dinosaur to bird, an evolution towards flight which you can view on Youtube Unbelievable as it may sound, dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. How can we interpret this evolution. Perhaps among these reptiles there …

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Acheiving spiritual unity and brotherhood through prayer

When you meditate and pray intensely, you send out harmonious waves, and these waves go out to the world to reach men and women who open themselves to this idea of brotherhood for which we work. Yes, by the powerful and harmonious waves you emit, you send messages that are picked up by beings who are receptive and prepared for this. And without even knowing where this impetus comes from, they often make the resolution to work for peace and brotherhood in the world, for spreading the light, and working for the glory of God. Wherever they may be and …

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The love of trees – video transcript

tree with golden rays of light shining through branches

I have published a new video called ‘The Love of Trees, a walk through the woods with Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.’ It centres around a beautifully moving text where the master talks very intimately about his love for trees and why he always tries to visit a forest whenever he travels to a new country. Unfortunately, many human beings greatly under-estimate the role played by trees for our life on earth. As someone who has always been a tree lover, it is wonderful to read words of a master praising them and the invisible beings that animate them so eloquently. Here’s …

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Meeting with angels of light

Whether you are alone in nature or in your room, you are in fact never alone; entities are part of your life. Those who work for the good are always encountering entities of light who rejoice with them and help them in difficult times by affording them glimpses of a way out of their problems, of solutions to them. Most of the time this happens unbeknown to them. But if they strive to become aware of these benevolent presences, they will benefit much more from them. How to draw these entities to you? With your love. Think as often as …

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Nature’s Universal Language-video text

Sun rising over mountains

If you want to communicate with nature, the very least you can do is to accept the idea that she is alive and intelligent. Most human beings behave as though nature were dead, and the result is that their own inner life vibrates less powerfully and with less intensity and their God-given faculties of perception and sensation are gradually paralysed. ‘What is the point’, they ask, ‘of trying to communicate with rocks, plants or the sun? They’re not alive.’ With this attitude they dull the edge of their own faculties and put themselves in a straight-jacket of their own making. …

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The mystical meaning of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas at the beginning of Winter? The reply can be found in the book of nature. All life begins as a seed, a seed buried in the darkness of the earth or deep within a woman’s womb. Winter is the season when, in the seeds planted in the earth, the long work of germination takes place; and this work ends in springtime, when a multitude of new existences burst into life. An identical work takes place in the psyche of each human being: in the dark earth, representing his lower nature, the seed of the divine …

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The Path of Silence

Man on mountain edge at twilight

This video has extracts from the book The Path of Silence by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. We all need silence. We particularly need the silence of nature, for it is in nature that we have our roots. Sometimes, when you are alone in a forest or up in the mountains, you feel as though you were being carried back into a distant past…into an era in which human beings were in communion with the forces and the spirits of nature. And if the call of a bird or the sound of a waterfall is heard, it is as though these very …

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Creative Power of a Mother’s Love- video

Creative power of a mother's love

This video, with extracts offering advice from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, is for new mothers and those expecting a baby. ‘If you are expecting a baby, it’s important you’re aware of the power you have to influence this child…even before it is born. For, in its mother’s womb, a child is already a being endowed with consciousness of a kind. So the mother can relate with her child and have an influence over it. It is not enough to love your child before its birth, you must learn how to use the power of this love. By thinking of her child, …

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Video- Nature has a heart…the oceans

sun rising over calm ocean

We have a heart, but nature also has a heart, or at least the equivalent of our heart – the oceans. Nature offers its heart, it exposes it to the sun’s rays and says: ‘My Lord, I give you my heart, my blood. Use it so that plants, animals and human beings may all live in plenty.’The sun takes some of this blood and raises it up to fill it with spiritual gifts. And when this blood falls to earth as rain, all beings receive its blessings. Every day, spiritualists repeat this gift of the ocean to the sun. Every …

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This quote on the wonderful forces of renewal that are available to us at Springtime is part of the text in the video published here: You are waiting for me to speak to you…but Nature has already said it all!  Can you see that a tremendous event is taking place all around you? Yes, you can feel that a new wave from the cosmic ocean is breaking and in a short while the whole earth will be newly arrayed with flowers, trees and birds. What splendid attire! It is the most extraordinary phenomenon of life, this regeneration and renewal…For the …

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The deer in the heart- Anahata chakra

A few months ago I was meditating in the Ashdown forest with some others disciples of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. It was just before dawn, I was waiting for the sun to rise when I noticed a couple of deer a few metres away.  It was a magical experience- I stayed absolutely still and watched them from a distance. They stared back at me for several seconds before taking off in leaps through the trees. I felt  there had been some sort of communication between us. A few weeks later I was walking alone in the forest and again I saw …

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Mystery of the Rose-The Path of True Love

pink rose bush

In extracts of the video below, the master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov speaks of how a single rose, or even a petal can lead us on the path of true love- a love that is pure, subtle and luminous. By gazing at a rose we are linked to the Sephira Netzach on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a spiritual region of love, tenderness and beauty, associated with the planet Venus. The video is composed of several Daily Meditations on the theme of roses- This is one of them: According to one tradition, roses are entities, which come from the planet Venus …

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Tune to the harmony and peace of nature

Pink rose close-up

If you want invisible beings to visit your soul and to help, protect and transform you, then strive to create a pure atmosphere free of all disharmony. It is only in the midst of love, beauty, purity and light that great changes can take place within you.When you are in a forest, near a spring or by a lake, be still for a while; let the silence, freshness and purity penetrate you. And as you listen to the water and the birds sing, when you hear the rustling of leaves and gaze at the stars in the night sky, abandon …

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Onwards and upwards

“Now that you have committed to the path of light, you must keep walking without wondering when you will reach the end. One by one, all obstacles give way before those who do not stop en route, for they have set the powerful laws of life in motion. Spiritual life is like climbing a high mountain. On these arduous, steep paths, it is inevitable that you will go through moments of weakness and discouragement, and you may even take a tumble, but this is no reason to stop”. Every so often you may even have the sensation that you are …

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All in nature is light

Many clairvoyants and mystics have perceived that everything we see around us in the natural world is actually composed of light. Here, the master describes an extraordinary experience: “Jacob Boehme, the great German mystic, earned his living as a cobbler. Suddenly one day he saw everything in a light so brilliant he could not bear it. Everything he laid eyes on seemed to be lit from within. No doubt he had earned that privilege in an earlier life! In a panic he ran out of his house and fled into the countryside, but there it was stronger still: everything, the …

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The New Year

The Cabbalah teaches that each day is a living, sentient being which bears the record of all our physical and psychic acts. You might say that the 365 days of the year are like a magnetic tape on which each day, with all that it has brought of good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, is recorded. Each separate year of our lives is like a separate tape recording. The New Year is new and yet, at the same time, it is already old, aged by all that each one of us has already gone through in our lives. The new year is …

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A Meditation for New Year’s Day

Hundreds of years ago a shepherd in the mountains, was absent-mindedly making a small furrow in the ground with his stick. But then came rain, snow, frost, wind, sun… and gradually the small furrow deepened and widened to become the bed of a torrent. This is only an image, but it shows us that the same phenomenon occurs with humans. Every thought, every feeling is like a furrow drawn in their own inner earth, and all psychic and spiritual forces operating in space contribute to digging and expanding it. A new year begins today… Is it not the time to …

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A long extract from ‘The New Year’

Today I would like to say a few words to you about the teaching handed down in the esoteric tradition concerning the first day of the New Year. And as the only kind of knowledge that really interests me is that which can be immediately useful, you can apply what I shall tell you to your own everyday lives. Most people celebrate New Year’s Day in night clubs, bars and dance-halls. They express their joy at the coming of the New Year by having parties and amusing themselves and indulging in all kinds of follies. And then they fritter away …

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Birth of the Christ Light- Video

praying shepherd with lambs- stain glass

This extract from Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov forms part of the above video. In order for the Christ Child to be born, there must be a father and a mother: the father, Joseph, is the mind and the spirit; the mother, Mary, is the heart and the soul. The soul and heart represent the feminine, receptive principle, whereas the mind and spirit represent the masculine principle. When these two principles are pure, they prepare together the conditions for the Holy Spirit, the Universal Soul or Fire, to take possession of the soul of …

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Joy of angels at Christmas

Angel in golden light

In an initiatic school we see festivals as something quite different from occasions to have feasts, hang up decorations and spend a few pleasurable moments. Each person endeavours to contact energy currents in the subtle regions which will bring life and renewed vitality to their heart and soul. They also know that entities of light come to draw on elements from this atmosphere of joyful exchanges which they will then use for carrying out their work across the world. To help them in this work, each person entrusts to them their joy and all the spiritual riches that this festival …

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Meditation for Christmas Eve, 2020

To celebrate Christmas is to prepare ourselves for the birth of the cosmic principle of Christ in our soul. For Christ, which is a cosmic principle, can be born within us just as it was born within Jesus.The birth of Jesus was undoubtedly an historic event of the utmost importance, but it was not necessary to insist so much on this event with the belief that it changed the course of history: the birth of a human being at one point in time does not change very much. If it was enough for Jesus to have been born two thousand …

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Christmas Day Meditation 2021

“The birth of Jesus was a historical event of major importance. But if all that was needed was for Jesus to be born two thousand years ago, why has the kingdom of God not yet come on earth? Wars, misfortunes, illness – all that should have disappeared… True disciples know that the Christ is born into the world on Christmas eve in the form of light, warmth and life, and they prepare the right conditions for the divine Child to also be born within themselves. Yes, we can read the story of the birth of Jesus and sing  ‘The Christ …

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God of mountains- on prayer and mountain summits

Woman looking at mountain range

In order to escape from the dust of the mind and the mists of the heart, we have to rise above the astral and mental planes and reach the casual plane. This is why, in your meditations and prayers, you should always try to rise, to rise very high, as high as possible. In fact, why not use your imagination and picture yourself scaling a mountain?  The picture in your mind will lead you to another mountain, the one inside you, and when you reach the top, the casual plane, you will find so many more ways open to you …

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Queen Elizabeth II -Spiritual meaning of royalty

Queen Elisabeth II coronation

The master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov spoke on several occasions on the spiritual meaning of royalty and the symbolism of objects associated with kings and queens, such as the crown. the orb and sceptre. The sudden death of the queen has affected so many people all over the world- sometimes in ways that they did not expect. So, in honour of a woman who embodied noble values and virtues so well during her 70 years on the throne, here are a couple of Daily Meditations from the master: ‘Regal power has the sceptre and orb for insignia. Whenever we see someone …

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Eat fire and drink light- video text

Here are two Daily Meditations from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on why meditating at sunrise can bring us great benefits, physical and spiritual. The quotes form the text for the video- Eat fire and drink light which is published on this site. It is also available to watch on the Words of Light YouTube channel here “You are at the sunrise: as you await the first ray, you are watchful and attentive, and when the first ray appears, you imagine that you are absorbing it, that you are swallowing it. In this way, you start to drink the sun. Instead of …

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Humanity’s divine lineage- God within

Mikhael Aivanhov in Switerland

Your entire future depends on your ability to recognise your divine lineage, to become conscious that God is within you, that the divine, universal Spirit lives in you and that you can therefore identify with it. But of course this exercise requires that you take certain precautions. First of all, your consciousness that the divinity dwells within you must be accompanied by the same consciousness that the divinity lives in all human beings as well. In this way, you will remain humble, simple, amiable, and open to others. What is more, in doing this exercise of identification, do not begin …

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Love is a spring- video text

river scene with rocks

A mountain spring bubbles from the ground and begins to flow. I love to sit by it and listen to its murmur. I watch it flow, I even talk to it and then I think of God who is the true spring, the source of all life. I remember that in human beings – created in his image – there is also a spring, buried deep inside them, waiting to bubble up and flow when the conditions are right. A spring always remains pure, it remains alive because it never ceases to flow not even for a second. Even if …

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Finding a soul mate- the evolution of sexuality

gazing gazing into each others eyes

This longer extract is related to the post ‘Meeting of souls-making love last’ and in it the master explains what we have to do in order to experience this divine form of love, the true meeting of Soul and Spirit. He outlines a whole process of spiritual evolution- from the  “male” and “female”  stage when we are driven solely by the biological need to satisfy our instincts, through the “brother and sister” stage where we begin to treat each other with much greater delicacy and respect. Eventually, we become capable of achieving the fusion of our souls and spirits in …

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Video-Love’s subtle exchanges

young couple gazing into each other's eyes with love

This is the full text of the video with extracts from Love and Sexuality and The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. The video is published on this site. Or you can view it on the YouTube channel. “Sometimes you meet a being to whom you feel immediately attracted. This person is like a vase filled with a precious essence that plunges you into a state of wonder. They inspire you, broaden your horizons and reveal the beauty of heaven and earth to you. Thank the Lord for having met this person, and if you want your …

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Summer Solstice: Secrets of Alchemy and Sublimation

“The traditional literature of all countries contains innumerable legends and accounts of mythological battles between the forces of light and darkness. On about June 21, with the Summer Solstice, we enter the period in which light triumphs over darkness, and a few days later on June 24th, we celebrate the feast of St John the Baptist. On that date it is customary to light fires that burn all night. The Summer Solstice is ruled by the Archangel Uriel who is an archangel of light: his name means ‘God is my light’. The feast of St John coincides with the moment …

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