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Working together with love for light- brotherhood ‘centres of light’

Today I am posting a longer extract from ‘Life and Work in an Initiatic School’ in which the master describes an important exercise, practised by his disciples in brotherhood centres throughout the world. These ‘centres of light’ are spiritual communities where disciples of  Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov gather regularly to eat, pray and work together- trying to implement in our imperfect way, the divine principles of love and light in daily life. The extract first touches on how important love is in the spiritual life- true spirituality, true light is indivisible from love, but love that that has been washed and educated a bit!! In the day to day life of fraternal centres we get ample opportunity to develop an unselfish, brotherly/sisterly love for each other. The spiritual laser The exercise the master describes is what he called ‘the spiritual laser’ – a collective meditation on white light. It is capable of producing a powerful current of spiritual energy when it is practised with concentration. We practice it two or three times a day whenever we …