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Tibetan monk and prayer flags

A prayer of self-consecration

In this extract from ‘A New Earth’, the  master explains how an ardent, sincere prayer of self- consecration frees us from the control of our lower nature: “As we do not know what plans God has in mind for us, we must ask him to enlighten us, and if there are some still some dark areas that we do not understand, we need to implore him to take possession of us. We can say: ‘Lord, I still do not understand, but please do what needs to be done. Make me do your will, seize hold of me even without my knowing it. Use me, take possession of me, come and dwell within me. This is why we must implore and clamour to be used by heaven. Say, ‘At last I understand, I can do nothing about my lower nature; it is too stubborn, tough and corrupt. It will never change. I beseech you, heavenly beings, send me the most marvellous, perfect creatures to act in my stead, to guide and instruct me and take control …