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Video:Sweet scent of roses

“People love to receive and give flowers; they put them in their homes, plant them in their gardens, go to admire them in parks and in nature and marvel at their shapes, their colours and their perfumes. But they think of them mainly as decorative features that make life more pleasant, so their interest in flowers remains superficial, and they do not gain much benefit from their presence.
But what are flowers really? They are living beings with which we can create a relationship. Yes, a flower is not simply a piece of matter with a colour and perfume; it is the home of an entity that has come to speak to us of earth and heaven. And if we know how to look at it, how to relate to it, we connect with the forces of nature, with the entities that work to make the flower such a life-giving, poetic presence”.

This video ‘Just Blossom’ describes how flowers- by just being- are models to us of spiritual unfoldment. They also help us fill our lives with more love, beauty and poetry!

Hope you enjoy it- there’s more on roses in the post Love, Venus and Roses.

Another video on spiritual love: Life is based on Love

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