Meeting with angels of light

Whether you are alone in nature or in your room, you are in fact never alone; entities are part of your life. Those who work for the good are always encountering entities of light who rejoice with them and help them in difficult times by affording them glimpses of a way out of their problems, of solutions to them. Most of the time this happens unbeknown to them. But if they strive to become aware of these benevolent presences, they will benefit much more from them.
How to draw these entities to you? With your love. Think as often as possible of sending them a smile, a glance, a beam from your heart, while saying, ‘O you who inhabit the vastness of space, I love you, I wish to understand you, to be in harmony with you.’ Perhaps no-one around you will notice that you have sent a message out into space, but the entities will, and they will receive your love and rejoice, sending love back to you a hundredfold. These are true exchanges, this is true communion.

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