Love, Venus and Roses

“Whenever you admire the blooms on a rose bush, remember you are standing before living creatures, descended from the planet Venus. You may ask how roses could possibly originate from Venus, given that conditions on that planet are not hospitable to life… That’s true but for initiatic science the planets are not just the physical, material bodies studied by astronomy;  for initiatic science, the planets are passage ways, they are intermediaries between cosmic currents and the earth. Through the intermediary of the planets, the earth receives currents and influences of which God is the distant source. That is why, since time immemorial, initiates have associated the planets with  qualities and virtues; the Moon to purity, Mercury to intelligence. Jupiter to generosity etc. So the planets serve as reservoirs of currents that travel through space and, according to their nature, become condensed on earth in such and such receptacle. Roses are receptacles for currents from Venus, the currents of love. If we know how to approach them we will receive some of this love.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  

red rose

So, it’s no accident that we think of roses as symbols of love but, as the master says, they are much more than symbols – they’re living creatures who incarnate on earth to give us earthlings an inkling of the beauty and love that is found on their home planet of Venus. I love their colors, their unfolding form and the soft texture of their petals. But I think the greatest gift they give us is their scent. Have you ever tried meditating or just relaxing in a room filled with the pure fragrance of rose essence? The special atmosphere such a perfume creates is able to transport us to a space of peace, love and beauty- it helps our spiritual, subtle bodies resonate with the vibrations of Venus.

In the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, the planet Venus corresponds to the Sephirod Netzach (Victory) which is the abode of the Elohim (or the gods). These are the beings who precede over the birth of a child and all creation. It’s pretty amazing to think that a humble rose is able to puts us into direct contact with the vibrations of such a region, through the gift of its scent. Highly evolved spiritual beings also sometimes choose to communicate with us through a perfume that is perceived by our subtle senses. For example, the friends of St Therese of Lisieux noticed a beautiful super-physical rose fragrance after her death and  several disciples of the master Omraam noticed the same phenomenon after his passing. A soul whose love has passed through the fires of purification exhales a perfume of rose – it is one of the great mysteries of  love and sacrifice. I was greatly moved to learn that when the master lived in a caravan at the Bonfin (his centre in France) he had on its wall a photo of Peter Deunov and also a picture of Saint Therese holding a huge bouquet of roses in her arms. I guess the picture of the saint was an inspiring image for the master representing the Divine Mother. This picture below is not exactly the same but still it is beautiful, I think.


I have made a video  of rose photos and paintings with some text from the master-    Sweet Scent of Roses


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