Finding a soul mate- the evolution of sexuality

This longer extract is related to the post ‘Meeting of souls-making love last’ and in it the master explains what we have to do in order to experience this divine form of love, the true meeting of Soul and Spirit. He outlines a whole process of spiritual evolution- from the  “male” and “female”  stage when we are driven solely by the biological need to satisfy our instincts, through the “brother and sister” stage where we begin to treat each other with much greater delicacy and respect. Eventually, we become capable of achieving the fusion of our souls and spirits in regions of light and beauty:   SJJ

“There is no need for me to tell you what males and females are, you will find them even amongst the most cultured and highly educated people! They are human beings who, in their innermost selves, are still primitive, who give priority to their instincts and their sensuality. Their desires and appetites are so demanding that they are incapable of denying them anything, male and female alike have only one desire, a certain type of relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

One degree above males and females, comes the category of men and women. They are still nothing very remarkable for, although their preoccupations are slightly more evolved than that of males and females, they are still principally physical, Higher still on the scale, we have the category of brothers an sisters. These are human beings who represent a higher level of consciousness , the level at which they no longer see themselves as separate and isolated from others.

Someone who loves like a man, considers himself different from others of his kind; he needs a wife who is distinct, apart from himself, and his behavior towards her in not that of a brother towards his sister. A brother has reached a higher, broader consciousness which embraces all human beings as members of the same family. Between a brother and sister there is no longer this sense of a separate existence which makes it possible for a man to abuse and violate his wife. On the contrary, his wife become his sister, a member of his own family, and this necessarily entails a different attitude towards her.

Spiritually Atune Couple

To become  brothers or sisters, therefore, represents a step forward in evolution, an expanded consciousness and, consequently, a higher type of behavior. Basically, though, the change is in a couple’s attitude towards each other. Although they are not brother and sister from the same physical family, once they are conscious of belonging to the same spiritual family, to the family of mankind, their desires become purer and more disinterested, instead of devouring each other, they try to help each other.

But someone who, to begin with, was a man or woman, and  has now learnt to manifest his or her love as a brother or sister, must now go a step further. If he remains a brother he will not be able to solve all his problems, there are still too may shadowy, disturbing elements within him, and, similarly, a sister is still subject to certain weaknesses. This is why a brother must become a spirit and a sister must manifest herself as a soul. When they achieve this, the scope of their love expands to such a degree that it embraces the whole of humanity and all living creatures. They feel themselves to be so vast, so exalted and noble that nothing negative can ever touch them again, for the soul and spirit are above everything. And, finally, when their ideal reaches out to embrace the whole universe, this soul and spirit will know no bounds and become all-powerful and omniscient; they will become divinities.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Love and Sexuality Part 2

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