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Exquisite blue rose

The extraordinary powers of thought

You have an extraordinary instrument at your disposal: thought. But why don’t you use it? Instead you are content to grumble about all the things you lack. You need beauty, poetry, silence, smiles, kind looks, and kind words? Well, instead of complaining about the fact that people are not giving you these, know that you can create them instantly through thought. You might say, ‘But there’s nothing; I can’t see anything, I can’t feel anything.’ Of course, if you wait to see them materialized, it will probably take centuries. But they exist in the mental plane. And this is the reality you should hold on to. Imagine a hypnotist gives you a piece of paper, saying, ‘Here is a rose. Smell it.’ You will go into raptures over the wonderful fragrance of this rose. How is this possible? You have captured his thought, and his thought, together with the words he has used, has already created the rose in the subtle plane. He has succeeded in projecting your consciousness to the subtle plane and you …

Warmth and openness- how to walk the talk

“Having thoughts that are clear, fair and noble is not all.. It is necessary for these thoughts to come down into the heart and will, to be expressed through feelings and then through corresponding actions. Many people have good judgment and excellent ideas, but of what use are these if they do not translate into actions of the same quality? Often, the contrast between people’s ideas and the reality of their daily lives is such that they only experience disappointment. And on top of this, they do not understand what is happening to them – quite simply, they have not been able to create a connection between high and low through their feelings. Thought does not have the ability to affect matter directly: to act on matter and transform it, it needs the intermediary of feeling. So work also on your feelings, by being warmer and more open to others.- in this way. your ideas will become flesh and bone and be translated into action”. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Daily Meditations