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Loving asian couple

Why do we fall in love?

Most men and women don’t know what it is that attracts them to one another. They are aware of an attraction but unaware of what gives rise to it. It isn’t people’s youth, beauty, wealth or power that inspires love. These assets may motivate some people to spend time with a person, but what they are experiencing isn’t real love, for if this person loses one or another of these external advantages, the others will abandon him or her in no time. What is the origin, then, of this attraction that gives rise to love? Two entities, two energies, encounter each other in space, and imponderable, fluidic exchanges are established magnetically between them. It is this encounter that gives birth to love, with each receiving from the other the elements he or she lacks and has been unable to find elsewhere. We are often astonished by the ties that develop between certain people; on the face of it, nothing should have brought them together. Well, this can be explained by those subtle exchanges that take …