The spring of life

God is a bubbling spring. And in human beings – created in his image – there is also a spring, buried deeply and waiting to bubble up and flow when conditions are right. If we succeed, through thought and prayer, in connecting with the heavenly Source, we will enable the water from our own spring to flow, and all our cells will be watered, brought to life by the divine water. If we learn to make this spring flow within us – the spring of life, which is love and light– we will become an instrument in heaven’s hands. And …

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Finding inner peace

Peace, as most people understand it, is not true peace. Even when the problems and anxieties which trouble you vanish for a few minutes or a few hours, this is not true peace for it does not last. Once true peace dwells in you, nothing can ever dislodge it again. Yes, peace is not a question of feeling at ease, of being calm and carefree for a few minutes, it is something much more profound and much more precious. Peace is a result of perfect inner harmony… When all the instruments in an orchestra are perfectly tuned to the same …

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Letting in the light

It’s wonderful – from out of the crude, dark material of her entrails, the earth is able to form a matter as pure and limpid as crystal. But it’s not enough for us to marvel at nature’s work; we need to do the same work of transmutation ourselves, by transforming the selfish feelings and desires of our heart. How?  First of all, through imagination. Imagination possesses real power, so why not use it to obtain the purity of a crystal? You will say that is just fantasy. But no, everything we imagine eventually becomes reality. Once you have experienced this …

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