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Desert sands with clear blue sky

Silence- experiencing a different time and space

I find this Daily Meditation by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov particularly profound on the theme of inner silence. He explains how a deep experience of silence is able to awaken the primordial knowledge that we possess deep inside us: “How many travellers speak with wonder of experiences they have had in the desert or on a mountain summit! Faced with the immensity, imbued with the all-pervading silence, they had a revelation, they say, of a time and space different from human time and space. They sensed a presence which is beyond all explanation, but which they recognised without question as something real, as the only reality.Do we really need exceptional conditions to live such an experience? The truth is that this presence sensed in the midst of silence can be experienced everywhere, wherever we may be. We must silence the discordant voices of our instincts and passions, of our dark and chaotic thoughts and feelings. The silence which then pervades us will be strong enough to project us into another time, another space, where the divine …