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The secret of effective prayer

Prayer can be a silent outpouring of the heart or soul. But if it is to be really effective, it must be done in the three worlds – the mental, astral and the physical. Praying is not a matter of asking for anything and everything, depending on the impulses of the moment. The light of thought should first have its say; it must judge whether a request is worth formulating. Then, just as light is accompanied by warmth, so thought must be accompanied by a powerful feeling, which gives it life. Lastly, in order for there to be an effect on the physical plane, the spoken word is necessary, since sound vibrations affect matter. When thought and feeling are not expressed through the spoken word, which in a sense gives them flesh, they lack the materials they need from the physical world to become a reality. It is the spoken word that brings these materials. Through the spoken word, we bring to the spirits of the invisible world the physical elements that they themselves lack. …

Sending signals of light

You would like to receive help and blessings from heavenly entities, but how can they even see you if you do nothing to attract their attention? Send them a few signals of light at least. How? By projecting sparks, fireworks of pure colour, each day, from your heart, mind, soul and spirit. When they see them, these entities will say, ‘Oh, there’s a party down there; let’s go and join in!’ As they draw near, what they see will seem so beautiful to them that they will befriend you. They may even decide to live within you, and then everything will become easier for you. If spiritual work is to be taken seriously, it is because it is the only way to attract the presence and help of higher spirits. Light is the only thing they are sensitive to – but not just any kind of light, only the kind projected by creatures who work with their thoughts, feelings and wishes to make their whole being a dwelling worthy of the Divine. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Mountain heights

Whenever we notice a distant mountain, we instinctively sense it represents a link between  heaven and earth. In most mythologies, a mountain is considered the dwelling place of the gods. Perhaps this is simply a symbolic representation, for the image of a mountaintop is always associated with the divine world. But it is also reality: mountain summits are antennae which establish  communication between heaven and earth.   Omraam Mikhael Aivanvov Far from the noise and disorder of human life, mountain summits are inhabited by extremely pure and powerful entities. It’s not always possible to climb to such heights to meet them, but whenever the opportunity arises, try to establish contact with them. Whenever you see a summit in the distance, think of holding your hand out towards it; greet the luminous entities that dwell there and ask them to draw you towards them so that you may enter their purity and light. By learning to connect  yourself to the summits of mountains, you will receive the very best nourishment for your soul and spirit. Omraam Mikhael …