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Hot air balloon above mountains

The lightness of a warm, dilated heart

Perhaps you have never travelled in a hot-air balloon, but you know that what enables it to rise in the sky is the heat produced by the combustion of a gas, which inflates the canvas and makes the balloon lighter than air. The same is true in the spiritual life: to rise higher we must become light and dilated and, in order to become dilated, we must heat something within us. It is the warmth of love that inflates the heart and renders it so light that it begins to rise like a balloon. You see, in order to move closer to heaven, it is more useful to know how to read the book of nature than the books of the theologians. The book of nature teaches you that when you become cold, you contract and become heavy, heavier than air, and you fall. And when you find yourself on the ground, you of course complain that heaven has abandoned you. But warm your heart, fill it with love, and you will rise once again …

Love is a force that opens up great possibilities

At one time or another you have met a man or a woman who has inspired in you a deep feeling of affection. Did you notice the transformations that this feeling alone produced within you? Suddenly you began to think and behave differently, not only towards this person, but with everyone around you. Even your relationship with nature and objects changed. So many things that you did not see or feel before begin to reveal themselves to you, encouraging you to pursue other interests! Because love is a force and this force acts on you, it influences your mind, your will, and even your body and it opens up great possibilities for you. Love is like the fuel in your car: if your tank is full, you can go a long way, but if it is empty, how far can you go? And if love is missing, where can you go? Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The inexhaustible source of love

Even though men and women place love above all else and hope to find ‘true love’ that will last forever, why do they find it so difficult keeping it alive for a few years or even, sometimes, just a few months? It is because as soon as they feel attracted to someone, they stop at that person. They do not know that he or she is the channel through which flow other-worldly beauty, riches and qualities and that it is this other world that their soul thirsts for. So they concentrate on this one person and expect everything of him or her. That is the mistake, and it is the source of their disillusionment and unhappiness. Men and women should learn to see each other as the first stage on the path that will lead them to the source of love, and then joy will never leave them. For at its source the water of love is always limpid, pure and life-giving, but also inexhaustible, and they will never stop drinking from this water through …

Loving wisely

“What humans need most is to love and be loved, to give love and receive love. And the truth is that they have a greater need to love than to be loved. Yes, to love, because it is their love that makes them alive and inspires them. To love is the greatest source of blessings. This is why you must never prevent your heart from loving: love all of creation, all creatures, always seeking how best to express your love. However, if you have love for all creatures, it does not mean you should not be cautious. If you expose your love too much, you run the risk of being taken advantage of. So wisdom must have its say too. It will teach you how to show reserve but without stifling your love. It is often better to keep your love secret, so that it can work for the good of yourself and others.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Is it love or sexuality?

How can we tell the difference between love and sexuality when, in relationships between couples, the two generally go together? Sexuality, when expressed without love, is an egocentric tendency which incites human beings to seek their own pleasure, even to the detriment of their partner. Love, on the contrary, thinks first and foremost of the other’s happiness. It is based on sacrifice: the sacrifice of time, energy or money, if necessary, in order to help the other, to enable the other to blossom and develop all his or her qualities. Nothing is more beautiful than love, when men and women are ready to accept deprivation, to wrest something from themselves in order to give it. So ask yourself whether the person you love is benefiting from your love. If they are becoming ill and weak and losing their love for life, ask yourself what you have done to harm this creature. You should have taken care of them as you would tend a garden flower. But if you see that the person you love is growing …

The twin-soul within

Once a man or a woman has truly found their twin soul, that is, has found their complementary principle within, they keep feeling they are meeting this principle everywhere, in all creatures. They love all the women and all the men on earth; they love them spiritually, and they are happy, because they are fulfilled by their twin soul. They no longer experience the emptiness for which others constantly feel they have to find a cure. They feel enriched by every encounter they have. Yes, when you have achieved inner fulfilment, you find your complementary principle in every being. Such experiences cannot be explained or expressed. Only those who have had them can understand them. But what a long way there is to go until then! Always suffering and being disappointed, always looking for someone and not finding them… You think, ‘Ah, this is the one.’ And then, after a while, you realize it isn’t. So, perhaps it’s someone else?… And so it goes on, until you realize you have your twin soul within. But …

Meeting of souls- making love last

So many love stories end in failure! And yet. each time a man and woman begin to love again, they hope that this time it will last for ever and that at last they have found their soul mate… But why then, does that not happen? Because they are unaware of all the elements that come into play when they meet. They discover they have certain affinities and imagine that is enough. What they do not know is that the attraction drawing them together is not a superficial need, easy to satisfy. It is the expression of a cosmic phenomenon and principally concerns their soul and spirit. That is why, before a man and woman become involved on the physical level, they must first come together on high, in the divine world, in the world of light. This union on high is the condition that must be fulfilled if their union here below is to be solid, long-lasting and capable of producing creations of the utmost beauty. Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations