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Omraam Mikhael holding dove

Working towards peace: three methods of helping humanity

A lot of us are concerned about the state of the world at the moment and especially about the threats to peace. So here are three simple but effective meditative methods of helping humanity from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: Send thoughts of light to heads of state If you want to help your country, you must touch the person in charge with thoughts of light, so that he or she may always be well inspired. You cannot help a whole country directly; it is too big. It is enough- and it is far easier- to help one person, just one. And this one person, in turn, will help everyone else, for much depends on the leader. If he or she can promote just laws in the areas of public health, housing, and education, the whole population will benefit, all bccause one person was well inspired. See humanity as a single being You think it is not possible to bring light and peace to all the people on earth, as there are so many of them! Of …