Entering the silence

“We all need silence. We particularly need the silence of nature, for it is in nature that we have our roots. Sometimes, when you are alone in a forest or up in the mountains, you feel as though you were being carried back into a distant past, into an era in which human beings were in communion with the forces and the spirits of nature. And if the call of a bird or the sound of a waterfall is heard, it is as though these very sounds were part of the silence: rather than destroying it, they emphasize and contribute …

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Are we ever really alone?

So many people today say that they are lonely. And yet in reality no one is ever alone. The whole universe is watching us and listening to us. None of our words or gestures remains without an echo. If, in the morning as you open your window, you make a habit of saying good morning to the earth, the sky and the whole of creation, voices will answer you, echoing from the four directions in space: good morning, good morning, good morning… and you will feel them with you all day long. Also, when you leave your house, you come across a number of …

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An end to loneliness

The feeling of loneliness is one of the most terrible forms of suffering that human beings can experience. Each of us needs to find someone with whom we can share our thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, someone with whom we can exchange harmoniously every day. This ideal being is obviously very difficult to find, and many books have explained the anguish and suffering experienced by the failure to discover what some have called the twin soul! But, in reality, the human soul can only be filled definitively and completely by God. If you wish to conquer solitude and to feel that …

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