When you meditate….strive high

“When you meditate, strive to go very high inside yourself and then to remain that high for as long as possible. Going high and remaining there means never failing to be noble, fair and generous, which also implies knowing how to ‘come down’ to help your fellow brothers and sisters. Though you are living and working on the earth among human beings, you should avoid coming down inside yourself, that is to say, avoid giving way to lower tendencies or taking part in selfish, dishonest endeavours. Remaining up high does not mean imitating people who are haughty, unapproachable and hard, …

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The deer in the heart- Anahata chakra

A few months ago I was meditating in the Ashdown forest with some others disciples of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. It was just before dawn, I was waiting for the sun to rise when I noticed a couple of deer a few metres away.  It was a magical experience- I stayed absolutely still and watched them from a distance. They stared back at me for several seconds before taking off in leaps through the trees. I felt  there had been some sort of communication between us. A few weeks later I was walking alone in the forest and again I saw …

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