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Divine love – the greatest power there is

The Master Peter Deunov used to say, ‘If you nurture within yourself the idea of love in its most sublime form, you receive help from thousands upon thousands of loving souls, for love implies the collective work of a multitude of souls joined together by the idea of love. Divine love is the greatest power there is. Never doubt this truth, if you wish the souls working in its name to always remain close to you.’ These words deserve to be meditated upon, chewed over and digested, for they open up amazing horizons for us. Once we have arrived at this divine conception of love, we shall attract thousands of souls from on high, who will come to help us and support us. Human language is weak when it comes to expressing the joy of those who are visited by love such as this. They need only catch sight of a man’s or woman’s face in passing to feel fulfilled. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Here is a video Life is based on Love which includes this …

Butterfly in blue sky

Love is a state of consciousness

The higher form of love is a state of consciousness in which all beings must learn to live one day. This state of consciousness cannot be described, nor can it be explained to someone who is not ready to live it; all that can be done is to try to lead them there gradually. This state of consciousness allows a person to feel inwardly connected with the universe; they are then like an instrument vibrating in unison with all that exists, they feel a profound sense of peace and, above all, tremendous goodwill towards all beings. They do not know where this positive disposition comes from; they simply feel that it has permeated their entire being, driving them to express themselves with love and understanding. They see nature and humans in a new light and they are happy. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations, 13th September, 2020

Why is fire so beautiful?

“You have all watched a wood fire blazing in a hearth, but have you ever wondered exactly what happens to make all those dead, dark, twisted logs and branches so bright and beautiful? Isn’t it miraculous to see something that was so black being transformed into something so luminous? But you can do the same: whether you are at home in front of your own fireplace, or here, gathered round the Michaelmas fire at the Bonfin, you can use your imagination to burn your own dead branches- that is, all the instinctive tendencies of your animal nature. All that useless dead wood- into the fire with it! Fire is capable of converting everything into heat and light, and it is you who stand to gain; otherwise, what use would all those dead branches be to you? They can give you neither warmth not light because you lack the power to transform them. Give them to the fire, and it will give them back to you in the form of light and heat.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov”  A …

Overcoming jealousy and possessiveness

Most people have such a limited understanding of love that the moment they fall in love they forget the whole world- nothing else exists for them. They are not yet used to experiencing love in a greater way. They impoverish it, mutilate it. It is no longer divine love, the love that pours forth, shaking the thirst of all creatures. True love is a love that embraces all creatures without limiting itself, without putting down roots with just one. This why, from now on, men and women need broader concepts -so they can be less jealous and possessive. A husband should be glad to see his wife open her heart to the whole world, and the wife should also be happy that her husband has such a big heart. It will not stop them remaining faithful to one another. When two truly evolved beings marry, they have already allowed each other this mutual freedom beforehand. Each one is delighted to be able to love all beings in all purity. The wife understands her husband, the husband …