New Year Meditation 2019


Try to realize the importance of the moment you wake up in the morning, because the rest of your day depends on it and the rest of your life depends on this day. If you do not live today correctly, you will spend each tomorrow repairing the consequences of the mistakes you made the previous day. All those who concern themselves with the future while neglecting the present twenty-four hours have left gaps everywhere in their lives, and they come back on earth in order to correct, make amends and suffer. By simply living twenty-four hours well, you will prepare the …

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Daily Meditation for Christmas Day 2018

Baby Jesus in golden star

Creation is the work of the masculine principle and the feminine principle. As soon as these two opposing and complementary poles find themselves in each other’s presence they set to work to create. And because this law applies in all the regions of the universe, it also governs the behaviour of human beings. From the moment a man and a woman meet, he becomes active and dynamic, whereas she becomes receptive. But there are obviously exceptions. Initiates, who have gone much deeper into the understanding of all natural phenomena, have learnt to use this law of polarisation in spiritual life. …

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Thoughts model matter

“You say you pray and meditate, but do you really know how to use your thoughts? Both within us and around us there exists a subtle but unorganized matter that has not yet been given form. Our thoughts have the power to shape this matter, and it is therefore up to us to work on it as we would with modelling clay, so that we become creators in the world of beauty, harmony and light. Everything we do, create and construct on the physical level is important, of course, but what we create with our mind is infinitely more important. …

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Never get discouraged-the value of patience

“We can be sure that those people who never let things get them down, no matter what difficulties they have to overcome, will go a long way. You may say, ‘Never let things get them down? How is that possible?’ It is made possible by their willingness. Yes, willingness, for the will alone is not enough. When faced with difficulties, it is not enough to say, ‘I’ll hold on in there’, while gritting your teeth and clenching your fists, for you cannot be certain that you will be able to be stronger than the events you’re faced with, and you will …

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One love

‘Everyone thinks they know what it is they love about any particular man or woman, whether it’s beauty, charm or moral or intellectual qualities. But the reality is that each person loves only the One, the Creator, who made beings the way they are. Make no mistake: it is him you love through others. The more the Divine expresses itself in them as kindness, wisdom, beauty, intelligence or strength, the more you love them. So you will never be able to find fulfilment and perfect joy if you do not seek a vaster, richer reality in the being you love. …

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Drink light…

Each morning, from dawn onwards, the sun sends a profusion of specks of gold out into space, and we can fill our spirit,  soul, intellect, heart and also our physical body with these specks of gold. Our whole body, from our brain right down to our feet, can benefit from this gold…  There are different kinds of light. The kind our nervous system and our whole organism need the most is light from the sun before it rises.This is the most subtle, spiritual light, and it affects our psychic bodies. This is why, if we know how to look at the sun, something opens up in our solar plexus, and we begin to drink light. It is like a reservoir being filled with a precious quintessence. When the reservoir overflows, our only need is to share this elixir with all living creatures, and there is no greater joy than giving what we have received from the sun.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

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