Mary and the Christ Child

“In his telling of the birth of Jesus, St Luke revealed the events that take place in the soul of every human being in the form of images. It is these symbolic images that I want to show you now. For the Christ Child to be born there must be parents, a father and a mother: the father, Joseph, is the mind, the spirit; the mother, Mary, is the heart, the soul. When the heart and soul are pure, then the Christ child is born, not of the mind and spirit, but of the Universal Soul, the Holy Spirit, in …

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Symbolism of the star and the three gifts

This light, this star that shone over the stable at Bethlehem means that every initiate in whom the living Christ is present, radiates light; a light that soothes, nourishes and comforts, a light that heals, purifies and gives life. And one day this light is seen from afar by others and they realize that something very special is manifesting itself through this being, and this ‘something’ is the Christ. This light that is represented by a star with five points is an absolute reality: it shines above the head of every initiate whose feminine principle (that is, whose heart and soul) has given birth to the Christ child, …

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