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Love is stronger than death

No one can deny how painful it is to lose a loved one. But love allows us to overcome the pain. You think the more you love someone, the more you will suffer from such a separation. At the time, you will, without a doubt. But if you have truly loved someone, in time another kind of relationship develops between you, and you feel their being as a constant presence. And at night, in your sleep, you are also with them. In the morning, you may not remember meeting, because the journeys the soul makes during sleep rarely reach awareness, but you will feel the connection growing stronger and stronger as time goes by. God did not place limits on love. Love is stronger than death. Those who have shared true love are never parted; their soul overcomes all material obstacles. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Another post on death and bereavement: Passing into the light

Passing into the light

When my parents died I read the same passage at their memorial services- part of a lecture the master gave on death and the after life. Here is a short extract.  I hope it will be of comfort to anyone suffering from a bereavement. It explains how we can best help our loved ones who have died:    SJJ “Let the dead go their way in peace.Don’t cling to your dying relations and friends, don’t let your sorrow at their departure hold them down and, above all, don’t try to communicate with them by calling them back. This only troubles them and prevents them from breaking free. Pray for them, send them your love, think of them becoming freer and freer and rising higher and higher towards the light. If you really love them, be sure you will be with them again one day. That is the truth. How many times have I already told you this: where your heart is, there will you be one day.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      Death and the …