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Extracts from the books of master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on the Winter solstice

The moon, the divine feminine and the child of light

A birth is none other than a transition from the invisible to the visible, from the immaterial to the material, from thought to manifestation. In our body, it is the moon, the archetype of the feminine, that presides over all forms of incarnation. In winter, the period during which the nights are longest and the life of nature slows down, conditions are less favourable for outward manifestation but more favourable, on the other hand, for inner life: human beings feel the urge to go within themselves to prepare the birth of the child of light, which is represented in some traditions by the symbol of the pearl. The pearl, coming as it does from the sea, is, like the sea, related to the moon. On the sephirotic tree, the pearl oyster is Yesod, the sephirah where the moon is found. In the cosmic body, Yesod represents the genital organs. That is where the pearl must be formed. This pearl represents the purest quintessence of love. The pearl oyster is the feminine principle, which brings a …