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Feet splashing in water

The feet and the solar plexus- reservoir of life forces

It is more than likely that, in the ordinary circumstances of your lives, you have noticed the link between the feet and the solar plexus. If you had cold feet, for instance, you may have been aware of a certain tenseness in the solar plexus and if you ate when you felt like that you will probably have had indigestion! Whereas if you start by having a hot footbath, you will feel the plexus relaxing, which gives you a warm, pleasant feeling and puts you in a good mood! When you have to face a very painful situation or meet someone you dislike, your solar plexus tightens up and you feel out of humour. But if you meet someone you are fond of or see something lovely (a waterfall, a mountain, a garden full of flowers) you feel expansive. Why?   Obviously not everyone feels these reactions or, at least, not everyone is aware of them. Not everybody is capable of feeling and analysing what goes on in their solar plexus. But disciples of a …