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Three methods of working with thought and imagination

In this extract from The Powers of Thought- the reality of spiritual work, the master gives us three methods of working with the powers of thought and imagination: According to Initiatic Science, the whole of space is filled with a very subtle matter, a formless quintessence, which also envelops and fills each one of us. And it is up to us, God’s children, to give this matter form, to mould it as we would modelling clay and use it to produce wonderful, glorious creations. The invisible world is not indifferent to what we do with it, it observes our creations and pronounces judgement on them. If it sees men or women who are not contributing to the harmony of the universe, who are destructive or disruptive elements, it deprives them of good conditions and possibilities so that they fall back and revert to a lower level of evolution. And, as you can imagine, between the stones of earth and God, there are many different levels! The important thing, therefore, is to know the best kinds …