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Podcast: The Universal Dimension

I have just published a new podcast channel offering audio readings from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov’s books. The channel is called Sloucham- a word from the master’s native Bulgarain which means, ‘I am listening’. The first episode has readings of 5 long extracts from his book- A Philosophy of Universality. Three disciples also discuss some of the master’s ideas- in particular, how we human beings need to transcend our lower, animal nature and develop a more fraternal, less self-centred consciousness. That is essential if humanity as a whole is ever going to solve all its problems. I hope you enjoy listening to it and please share freely with your friends! You can find the full transcript of the readings below the player. Reading 1 When we glance about us at the world, human society and the family, we see that everything is organized with a view to satisfying human nature, meaning, in reality, our animal nature and all our most primitive instincts. All the rules and norms of society, all our criteria, even the education we …