Feeding the sacred fire within

You are wondering how you can feed the sacred fire within: each day, throw pieces of your lower nature onto it. Yes, for it is the lower nature, the personality, which is destined to feed the fire of the spirit. So stop complaining that you are not able to rid yourself of your lower nature, for not only would you not be able to survive on earth without it but you would not have the elements with which to feed your spirit. There is a law of magic according to which you must sacrifice some part of your personality if …

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Sacred Fire of Divine Love

Just as physical fire has the power to make iron sufficiently pliant and tractable to be given a new form, so the heavenly fire of divine love has the power to plunge man into a state in which he sloughs off his warped, crooked form and receives a new, bright, harmonious one. So, in order to change all your old ideas and habits and transform your character, and even your heredity, you must call on heavenly fire. You must beg it to come into you, to envelop and enflame your heart and your whole being. Do not rely on explanations …

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