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One night in Bethlehem- a meditation for Christmas Eve

I have been thinking about why, out of all the angelic hierarchies, it was the archangel Gabriel that gave the good news to the shepherds. And why were the shepherds the first to hear the news? According to the master and the Jewish  Kabbala, Gabriel is the archangel governing the sephira Yesod. This sephira is linked to the moon and to the materialization of subtle energies, which is why it is also active in the germination of seeds and in child birth- the bringing of new life. Yesod is called ‘the foundation’ because it represents the essential  work of inner purification which all spiritual aspirants have to undergo. The aspect of God which Yesod represents is called Shadai El Hai- the Almighty Living God or God of  High Mountains. Although simple guardians of sheep in appearance, the shepherds were spiritually awakened- while the world around them was asleep they were watching through the night. It was this vigilance and spiritual expectancy which allowed them to receive the visitation from Gabriel.- ” ‘Evangile’, the French word …

Daily Meditation for Christmas Day

Each year on December 25th, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, and in every church a crib is set up. The child is there, lying on the straw; Mary and Joseph watch over him, and an ass and an ox, too. The ox and ass are never left out! But these two animals are symbols that have to be interpreted; they correspond to processes that take place in human beings. The stable is the physical body and the ox is sexual energy. As for the ass, it represents what tradition calls ‘the old Adam’, self-centred, stubborn and obstinate, but nevertheless a good servant- that is, the lower nature, the personality. Those who decide to work towards the birth of the Christ within, first come into conflict with the forces of their lower nature and sexuality. Those are the forces they must master and put to work for the divine Child. And so it is said that in the stable the ox and ass breathed on the child and warmed him with their breath. When human …

When Christ is born in a soul

Even if what is written in the Gospels on the subject of Jesus’ birth didn’t correspond to historical reality, it is absolutely true from the symbolic and esoteric point of view, and this is what is important for us. When the Christ child is born in the soul of the disciple, the celestial spirits place themselves in his service, for he is a royal child, and all heaven comes to admire him and bring him what he needs. Whether or not a star, angels, shepherds and a manger with an ass and ox really existed does not matter; from a symbolic point of view it is all true. Each time the Christ is born in a soul, the star is there, the angels sing, and the wise men come and bow down, offering gifts. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov