Creative Power of a Mother’s Love- video

This video, with extracts offering advice from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, is for new mothers and those expecting a baby.

‘If you are expecting a baby, it’s important you’re aware of the power you have to influence this child…even before it is born. For, in its mother’s womb, a child is already a being endowed with consciousness of a kind. So the mother can relate with her child and have an influence over it.

It is not enough to love your child before its birth, you must learn how to use the power of this love. By thinking of her child, an expectant mother is capable of projecting her love to the sublime regions and gathering subtle elements that her child will need later on in its life. You can infuse your unborn child with these elements -elements which will work on the child to make it into an exceptional being.

For expectant mothers-Unleashing the full potential of your unborn child

An expectant mother cannot give her child everything it needs using just her own resources. You have to fetch them from elsewhere, from somewhere much higher up- the heights of the spiritual plane.A few minutes, several times, a day you should stand before God, in thought and prayer, and say:

‘Lord, I want this child you are giving me to be Your servant. But to achieve this I need other elements, which are only found near You. Please give them to me.’ You might say it’s not easy to stand before God. And, of course, this is merely a figure of speech.

But by simply thinking of beauty, light and eternity, an expectant mother will attract higher, subtler elements and she will project them on to her child.

Beautiful baby holding bottle

And then, after the child is born, a new mother needs to be conscious of the power of words… and use that power to nurture the virtues and qualities she wants to see in her child. A mother can talk to her child even when it is too young to understand; in fact, even when it is asleep.

So, you should hold your baby in your arms and talk to it softly with great love and conviction. Tell it all your hopes for what it will become later. Your baby might not move, perhaps it will hear nothing and understand nothing…  And yet words are an active force. In the subconscious of this small child there are invisible beings that hear and record the words of its mother.  These entities begin to work in your child’s mind and heart, in the cells and organs of its body.

They set in motion a process which begins to gather the elements your child will need later on…so that it is able to manifest all the gifts and qualities you hope for it.In this way, you will place deep in your child’s being, precious elements that, when revealed years later, will protect them from many mistakes and dangers. So whenever you touch the head of your child, or when you caress its small arms and legs, pronounce words of blessing, so that angels come and make of him or her a magnificent being.

This is the video text which was extracted and lightly edited from the Daily Meditations of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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