All in nature is light

Many clairvoyants and mystics have perceived that everything we see around us in the natural world is actually composed of light. Here, the master describes an extraordinary experience:

“Jacob Boehme, the great German mystic, earned his living as a cobbler. Suddenly one day he saw everything in a light so brilliant he could not bear it. Everything he laid eyes on seemed to be lit from within. No doubt he had earned that privilege in an earlier life! In a panic he ran out of his house and fled into the countryside, but there it was stronger still: everything, the stones, the trees, the flowers and the grass all seemed to be made of light and to speak to him out of that light! Many clairvoyants and mystics have had similar experiences and they know that all of Nature is alive and filled with light….


Gradually, as our perception of Nature changes, we change our destiny. If we consider Nature as something lifeless we diminish the life within us. If we realize that Nature is alive then we shall have a share in the life of everything Nature contains: the earth, plants, animals, even the stars, and the power of the living Spirit within us will be increased and intensified.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   The Living Book of Nature

These words ring so true to me. I think part of the reason why so many of us love to get out of  town (even just for a short break) is because contact with the living forces of nature restores our spirit. It’s not just the physical fresh air and exercise, the change of scene; when we walk in the countryside or along the shore line we are actually walking in the company of those living entities that inhabit the earth,  the water,  the air and even the sunlight. There is a really rich and beautiful exchange that takes place if we are conscious of their presence. and become aware that we are one with them.  Actually, every time we breathe, whenever we eat something or our eyes absorb the sun’s light, we are making an exchange with those living forces:

Life is nothing more than a ceaseless flow of give-and-take between man and Nature, and sickness and death follow if this flow is interrupted or obstructed. The food we eat and drink, the air we breathe, are God’s own life. There is nothing in the whole cosmos that is not animated by the divine Spirit of God. All things created live and breathe. All things pulsate in communion with that boundless flow of life streaming from the Godhead, penetrating the furthest reaches of Creation, from the greatest star to the most minute particle of matter. As St. Paul says, ‘In him we live and breathe and have our being.’

This last extract below explains how improving the quality of the exchanges we make with nature will make us not only more healthy and happy but even more intelligent. When nature sees that we love and respect her she will begin to open her great book towards us and we will not need to read libraries of man/women-written books in order to find the essential truths of life:


 If you want to live in a constant state of contentment and joy you have to learn how to live this symbiotic relationship with Nature correctly. Above all, you must open your hearts to Nature and feel your mutual bonds, feel that you are a part of Nature. When you open your heart to the divine current flowing through the universe you are establishing the perfect relationship of exchange, a totally new intelligence begins to awaken within you and you begin to grasp even the most subtle philosophical thoughts. Perhaps your friends will say, ‘Did you know that such and such a philosopher says what you have just said?’ No, you did not know. And you do not need to know. All you know with complete certainty is this relationship of exchange because you live it and feel it in your whole being. No doubt it is excellent to be able to quote the wisdom of philosophers but it is far better to be able to give proof of their wisdom from your own experience. Instead of reading a lot of books, therefore, it is better to establish a bond with the only truly inexhaustible, immortal source: Nature. Instead of drawing quotations from the books of men – for all men die and, because of their imperfections, all are in error to some degree – from now on we should quote only from the great living Book of Nature. It is the only book that contains all truth, for only Nature is eternally true and trustworthy.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  The Living Book of Nature

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  1. This a wonderful blog, Susan – quite beautiful in its profound simplicity. And the photos are exquisite! Love and Light. Susan and Hassan

  2. I loved your post. It reverberates with some of the best experiences I have had – the feeling of pure light. Less analysis and more pure understanding. One such moment is worth more than a thousand books on the subject! Great pics too.


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