God of mountains- on prayer and mountain summits

In order to escape from the dust of the mind and the mists of the heart, we have to rise above the astral and mental planes and reach the casual plane. This is why, in your meditations and prayers, you should always try to rise, to rise very high, as high as possible. In fact, why not use your imagination and picture yourself scaling a mountain?  The picture in your mind will lead you to another mountain, the one inside you, and when you reach the top, the casual plane, you will find so many more ways open to you for the realization of your spiritual thoughts and desires. In the Cabbalah, God is called the Most High because symbolically, power and omniscience are to be found on the higher planes.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Here is a video, God of Mountains, published on Youtube. https://youtu.be/MucCc3tl4XQ

The text is from the books of the master- he talks about how mountain summits represent our spirit or higher Self. The ascent towards a mountain summit symbolizes our spiritual ideal to unite with our divine, higher nature.

In most mythologies, mountains are presented as the dwelling place of the gods. This may be seen as symbolic, but it is also a reality: the high peaks of mountains are like antennae by means of which the earth touches heaven, and that is why they are inhabited by pure and very powerful entities.

The higher humans rise on the mountains, the more they find silence, and in this silence they discover the origin of things, they unite with the primordial Cause, they enter the ocean of divine light.”

Daily Meditation 16th November 2022

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