From dinosaur to bird- how to take flight

In this text from the books of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, he talks about how birds can inspire us to overcome the anxieties that weigh us down. They know how to take flight when faced with danger. We can escape psychic dangers such as depression and anxiety by taking refuge in prayer meditation, music and other spiritual methods.

The text is used in the video From dinosaur to bird, an evolution towards flight which you can view on Youtube

Unbelievable as it may sound, dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. How can we interpret this evolution. Perhaps among these reptiles there were some who were more daring, more curious and who wanted to take to the air, leaving behind the heaviness of the ground.

So, what can we learn from this phenomenon? Humans could learn to rise above their difficulties. They could live in a state of constant wonderment, expansion, lightness and love. Unfortunately, many of you do not know how to reach such a state. And yet it could give you wings. If you often feel anguished and tormented, it is because you have wandered into the lower regions of the psychic plane and these regions are invested with humanity’s sworn enemies.

Birds know that in order to fly they must spread their wings. So how is it that birds have discovered this secret and yet humans are still living narrow and sluggish lives …. virtually burying themselves, every day? It must be that they are not as intelligent as birds! Consider this image: A bird is pecking at some seed on the ground when a cat starts to stalk it. What does the bird do? Does it wait? Does it try to fight back? No, it flies away. It is a bird’s instinct- they fly away at the slightest sign of danger. And yet human beings have not understood what birds have understood; instead of flying away, humans remain just where they are, they struggle, they battle and end up getting robbed of everything most precious- it is a massacre.

You ask me- How can we fly away?

Take flight through mediation and prayer; you can also read uplifting books, listen to music, gaze at a beautiful landscape, or relive a luminous moment from your past. There are so many methods you could use- but you have to believe in their effectiveness and have the willpower to use them.

yellow bird singing

Be like a bird but do not be ambitious and subject yourself to exhausting rivalries. Follow the example of a bird: A bird has a tiny little body, weak and light, a little beak but it also has wings to fly freely through the air. A bird has no ambition to enter into competition with a wild animal. It is content with what it has received from the creator; the gifts of song, of joy, and freedom of movement.

Just like birds, true sons and daughters of God do not want to hack their way, like dinosaurs, through the jungle of the world in pursuit of position or power. Their only aspiration is to fly each day into the vast expanse of heavenly space so they can bring back peace, light and joy to earth. And then they share these blessings with their human brothers and sisters.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,

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