Queen Elizabeth II -Spiritual meaning of royalty

The master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov spoke on several occasions on the spiritual meaning of royalty and the symbolism of objects associated with kings and queens, such as the crown. the orb and sceptre. The sudden death of the queen has affected so many people all over the world- sometimes in ways that they did not expect. So, in honour of a woman who embodied noble values and virtues so well during her 70 years on the throne, here are a couple of Daily Meditations from the master:

‘Regal power has the sceptre and orb for insignia. Whenever we see someone represented with a sceptre in their right hand and an orb in their left, we know they are royalty. But what do we know of the deeper significance of these two objects? And do monarchs themselves really know of it? The sceptre is generally considered to symbolize authority and the orb the areas over which this authority is exercised. There is, actually, a further meaning. The sceptre and the orb represent the activity of the two principles, the masculine and the feminine. The masculine principle is always symbolized by a straight line (a sceptre, a caduceus, a spear, a sword, a pillar, a tree) and by the right hand. And the feminine principle is symbolized by a curved line (any hollow or rounded object – a sphere, a vase, a bowl, also a chasm or a cave) and by the left hand. Holding the sceptre and the orb signifies an understanding of the two principles and a knowledge of how to work with them.’

Daily Meditations 15th March, 2010

Coronation stamp Elizabeth II

‘The notion of royalty necessarily goes hand in hand with that of self-mastery. A monarch who only seeks to impose on others but has not learned to control themself is not really a king or queen, but a slave. A true monarch is someone who first and foremost has become master of themself. Only a person committed to the ideal of overcoming the domination of their selfish tendencies and to control and orientate their thoughts, feelings and desires, is on the royal road. They inspire respect from all those who come near them because they have not only power but also authority. And then, even the spirits of nature bow at their passing, whispering among themselves, ‘Look, a king or queen will be passing by, let’s go and welcome them,’ and they celebrate. The nature spirits crowd around them because their whole being emanates a fluidic substance of great purity, imbued with soothing and curative influences, felt even by animals, plants and stones.’

Daily Meditations 1st June, 2017

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