The love of trees – video transcript

I have published a new video called ‘The Love of Trees, a walk through the woods with Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.’ It centres around a beautifully moving text where the master talks very intimately about his love for trees and why he always tries to visit a forest whenever he travels to a new country. Unfortunately, many human beings greatly under-estimate the role played by trees for our life on earth. As someone who has always been a tree lover, it is wonderful to read words of a master praising them and the invisible beings that animate them so eloquently.

Here’s the youtube link: The love of trees

For the master, everything that exists in nature is both alive and intelligent, though obviously not in the sense that human beings understand the word ‘intelligent’. As he explains in the video, there is a consciousness in trees that is located in the higher mental planes. Forests are inhabited by conscious and intelligent invisible beings. If we are aware of this and if we walk through woods and forests with a sense of respect, reverence even, the experience is very beneficial to us.

I have experienced an inner connection with ‘the soul of the trees’ so many times myself. In 2020, I visited a wood close to my family home at least once a week during the lockdown. Those walks through the trees gave me such a sense of inner peace – a feeling of being connected to the heart of nature. There was more than one day when I felt greeted by an immense current of joy as I entered the forest. And there is even scientific evidence now about the benefits people derive from contact with nature- especially connection with trees.

I hope the text of this video resonates with you too. Please share your comments!

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