Month: July 2022

Mikhael Aivanhov in Switerland

Humanity’s divine lineage- God within

Your entire future depends on your ability to recognise your divine lineage, to become conscious that God is within you, that the divine, universal Spirit lives in you and that you can therefore identify with it. But of course this exercise requires that you take certain precautions. First of all, your consciousness that the divinity dwells within you must be accompanied by the same consciousness that the divinity lives in all human beings as well. In this way, you will remain humble, simple, amiable, and open to others. What is more, in doing this exercise of identification, do not begin to think that you are equal to God, as did Lucifer and the rebel angels, according to the tradition. Instead, make efforts to sense that it is not you who exist, but that God alone exists, and that the divinity exists within you only in so far as your ceaseless efforts enable it to manifest through your thoughts, your feelings, and your acts. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 28th July, 2017 By creating mankind in …

river scene with rocks

Love is a spring- video text

A mountain spring bubbles from the ground and begins to flow. I love to sit by it and listen to its murmur. I watch it flow, I even talk to it and then I think of God who is the true spring, the source of all life. I remember that in human beings – created in his image – there is also a spring, buried deep inside them, waiting to bubble up and flow when the conditions are right. A spring always remains pure, it remains alive because it never ceases to flow not even for a second. Even if someone wants to dirty it by throwing in their rubbish it continues to flow. And in very little time that rubbish is all washed away. Take this spring as your model. Try to become like it; in other words, love. Love everything, love in spite of everything. If you allow love to flow freely from you it will protect you from all impurity and suffering. You will not even notice that people have tried to …