Video: Surya Yoga- sunrise meditation

Here is the text to the video Surya Yoga- meditative practices at sunrise: The master Omraam strongly recommended this type of meditation which is an ancient Vedic practice. You can view it on YouTube here:

Surya Yoga's Sunrise Meditation Techniques

The sun is so much more than just a star shining in the sky. In the morning, when you see it appear and rise on the horizon, imagine that you rise with it. The vibrations of your entire being will gradually intensify. You will soon feel the sun enter you so deeply that you will no longer be able to distance yourself from it. Every element in your being will be exalted.  

You will feel projected into increasingly vast and luminous regions in space, you will discover truths that remained hidden to you up until now, and the notion of time will cease to exist. For a few moments at least, you will forget the earth with its tragedies and misery, and you will live in eternity.

When you look at the sun, the centre of our solar system, try to find the centre in you: your spirit – almighty, wise, omniscient, universal love – and draw nearer to it every day! While you remain disconnected from the centre, you will be tossed around, at the mercy of the winds and storms that blow throughout the world.

Of course your daily tasks force you to leave the centre to go to your activities at the periphery. But moving away from the centre, when necessary, does not mean cutting the connection with the centre. On the contrary, the more activities we have in the world – the periphery – the stronger should be the link with the centre, with the spirit.

It is from this centre that you receive the energy, light and peace you need to carry out these activities. And the sun helps you to maintain the link with the centre within you.

Learn to rally your thoughts, your desires and even all the tendencies of your lower nature to fulfil a sublime ideal. The sun can help you achieve this task of unification and harmonization. As you watch it rise in the morning, imagine that your consciousness is drawing closer to your own sun – your spirit, your higher self – to merge with it.

When you have succeeded in pacifying and bringing together all the opposing forces that pull you about, to project them in a single direction, toward the light and the divine, you will become such a centre of power that you will be able to radiate out in all directions, like the sun.

Those who have been able to solve their own problems are free and can begin to concern themselves with others. Thanks to freedom they have acquired, they expand their field of consciousness to include all of humankind, and like the sun, they send the superabundant light and love that overflows from them.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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